Fans Rush To Support Demi Lovato’s Sister Madison After Hateful Tweets

Demi Lovato with her little sister Maddie

and her fans rallied behind the ‘Sonny with a Chance’ star’s sister Madison after the 8-year-old was barraged with hateful messages addressed to her Twitter account (@maddielovesyou1) that got her upset. A message that prompted the outpouring the sympathy said:

its @lisamorrisshow here Madison is taking a twitter break because haters and mean people are upsetting her. She is crying right now. sorry.

Among the cruel messages directed Maddie’s Twitter:

trais_tara @maddielovesyou1 as you are not @ddlovato sister she is beautiful and your ugly fat

trais_tara @maddielovesyou1 disgusting fat @ ddlovato not understand how is your sister she is beautiful and your horrible

BAMFnicholas why does a fat little kid have a twitter for ‘fans’ ? @maddielovesyou1

teddyclouds @maddielovesyou1 Mady is fat. Ugly little girl.

teddyclouds @maddielovesyou1 your really ugly. No offense.

MadisonFAT*** @maddielovesyou1 you’re a fat b**ch u ugly whale no one likes you get off twitter you irrelevant fat wh*re

MadisonFAT*** @maddielovesyou1 maybe you should take a note from your bulimic sister Demi and lose some weight you nasty fat b**ch so ugly

MadisonFAT*** @maddielovesyou1 u look like someone slapped you in the face with a frying pan you pig you big fat pig

Royal_Gossip @maddielovesyou1 – YOU FAT UGLY ***..UGLY AS HELL LIKE YOUR SISTER DEMI!

rocking_g_real hey @maddielovesyou1 are you that effing fat kid from Greys Anatomy.

NickJthebest @maddielovesyou1 OMG! you are SO UGLY :)

Andiara12 @maddielovesyou1 – you are so ugly

Later, Demi told her Twitter followers (@ddlovato):

Just saw #WeLoveMaddie was a trending topic… I couldn’t help but cry.. The support you guys show for my family is so incredible..

Wow…. I love you so much… Thank you guys…… We are so blessed and thankful to have you all……

Haters will hate, that’s a part of life. But we’re pretty strong girls and my family can handle anything. BRING IT! :P

I love you guys so much. I really can’t say it enough.. Goodnight (for real this time.. haha)

A little food for thought.. Ignore the negative and focus only on what will lead you to success in ALL aspects of life.. #positivethoughts

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124 thoughts on “Fans Rush To Support Demi Lovato’s Sister Madison After Hateful Tweets

  1. jojo says:

    why are people so mean to a little girl?
    those people have no life!

  2. Abigale says:

    OMG, fu** all you guys, are you serious, this is just baby fat, imagine if you were her age and you got bullied, I can not believe the insults people throw at small children,be a little mature f**ktards, y’all really deserve nothing in life

  3. evelyn says:

    wow after I read this I was really surprised at how many people don’t have heart that was all pretty but Maddie your beautiful inside and out don’t let anybody change you :)

  4. jackie says:

    just because it is on the internet is doesn’t mean you can just say what you what people have feelings if you wouldn’t do it in life you shouldn’t do it in the internet >:(

  5. babykay says:

    stop being so mean she’s a 7-8 year old and stop being so mean.she can take care of her self. now be quiet!

    p.s Demi can I have your email adress! please!

  6. babykay says:

    stop what if you were her and being bullied and you were her age you wouldn’t do anything except cry! so out yourself in her shoes and fell how she feels before you post stupid thing on the internet! like gosh you have no life!

  7. babykay says:

    aww! your sis is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. jessica says:

    those people are terrible that girl is beautiful they where just mean and jealous and she is not fat how do we know if they are not fat I just need to say if Madison see’s this just know do not listen to them people

  9. sarah says:

    Shes a very cute little young child I mean I’ve got 2 younger sisters the same age as her and I like my sisters to look chubby it looks cuter instead of being thin as a pin ( being pale, long face)
    And at least she’s got a life to LIVE!
    So please just leave her alone. (:

  10. Suziie says:

    Awh x She reminds me of myself as a child, it’s just puppy fat, when she gets taller the weight will spread out and she will be beautiful

  11. Lil says:

    i got a lot of mean messages once from someone and if Demi’s sister can see this here’s what I have to say:
    i blocked them so they couldn’t say anything else to me and reported them and then they can’t bug you anymore! :)

  12. emily says:

    you are beautiful just the way you are and should give a darn about what other people think! you are so lucky to have a sister like Demi that will do anything for you

    p.s. sticks and stones may break my bones but WORDS will NEVER EVER hurt ME!!

  13. sofia says:

    Don’t make fun because her sister is beautiful and so is Demi Lovato they are really pretty girls with a beautiful family so if you want to make fun make fun but someday people might make fun of you and you feel bad about the comment you put about Demi Lovato’s little sister:l

  14. emma123 says:

    That is awful what they said about you ,you are pretty you look just like Demi and Demi is beautiful because you are you just don’t let those people get to you and they just want you to feel miserable just because they are miserable. P.S. YOU ARE SUPERMODELS, FOR WHO YOU ARE LOVE YOU HOPE TO MEET YOU SOME DAY!!!!! :-)

  15. liz says:

    that’s so mean people I think Maddie is beautiful y’all can’t judge her from what you see!! look in the inside! gosh! she is pretty also you are just jealous you are not her!! lol sorry girl!~~:(

  16. Beth says:

    I was so shocked at what I just read just because she has a famous sister doesn’t mean she has to be stick thin and look like an Angel!!! she’s beautiful anyways and I just don’t see how people can say that to a child who hasn’t done anything to hurt you. love Demi and Maddie they’re so sweet

  17. Shannen says:

    That is so mean I love Demi and her sis they are so cute but you shouldn’t judge people on how they look !!!! Demi cares for her sis !!! you go DEMI <3

  18. Maggie says:

    That’s so mean what people are saying about her!! She may have a little extra but everybody is like that even me! I may not like Demi very much but that doesn’t mean I should be mean to her beautiful sis!

  19. maggie 2 grade says:

    Maddi your beautiful don’t listen to the other hobos being mean to you they are just jealous!!

  20. Maggie says:

    Maddi you are beautiful you may have a little baby fat but you are as beautiful as your sis! Don’t listen to anybody but yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Tejnoor says:

    Honestly… think about it. Your sister was bullied, look at where did is now. People are jealous of your beauty. You’re already a star.

  22. Noraaaa says:

    don’t be so mean to poor little Maddie you all have no life she is beautiful she will grow up to be as pretty as Demi. So stop hating.

  23. darwin says:

    eww…… You is one ugly fat a*s girl that make me want to throw up….by the way my friend Derek loves your ugly fat self..once again eww!!!!! What the hell are you a walrus???? you need one of these in your fat lil life 8=========D~~~~

  24. Alie says:

    She’s a beautiful girl and nothing’s change that…. I don’t know why people talk about others.. I bet it’s FAT people who make fun of her…so please throw your anger somewhere else and stop picking on a poor little girl…………. YOU GO MADDY!!!!

  25. igsel says:

    y’all people have no life ……….but to pick on a poor little girl . all of y’all are just haters

  26. brookeL says:

    Oh my god..
    are you kidding me, she’s just a little kid
    she has a much better life in store for her than you have for u.
    now go to he** and stop messing with kid!!!
    she is 8!!! Jesus Christ!!!!

  27. kkbaby says:

    ya act like if you guys are effing perfect I bet half of those people who talked crap!! ain’t so good looking Either!!!! so ya better go somewhere else with your stuff and get a life … seriously ya are pathetic leave the little girl alone.

  28. katie. says:

    people are so mean, she ain’t fat she’s probably got a problem or something take into consideration what your doing to there confidence.
    Demi has now gone into rehab thanks to haters.
    haters karma is a bitch remember that you selfish twerps.
    they are both beautiful and don’t let anyone tell them differ.

  29. nazmin says:

    hey she’s so cute! :D
    and fat too!

  30. nazmin says:

    oops it was my stupid sis who wrote that, she’s 6 years old…
    she’s adorable!

  31. nazmin says:

    my name isn’t Nazmin its, Carolyn :D

  32. alexann says:

    Madison if you see this I want you to know that you are beautiful just the way God made you and don’t let anyone or anything change you!you are fearfully and wonderfully made says God and you better believe it! keep your head up you have an awesome sister to help you!;D

  33. jade says:

    Madison is cute,beautiful and a wonderful actress! she might be chubby but guess what I’m chubby and I get picked on a lot no look Madison those words I put up (above) is just like you and your sister your lucky you have a sister as beautiful as you! and I’m not afraid to admit but I am jealous of you,your brave and you are faithful for who you are!

  34. jade says:

    Madison you are you don’t think your fat its just baby fat (which is cute) trust me it will spread away!

  35. emmie says:

    Okay, I think Demi’s sister knows she’s not as skinny as a lot of the girls her age (particularly the ones on TV). But to pick on a little girl about it is cruel. She knows she is not skinny and for people to see her as the fat girl is just corrupt.

  36. Shelby says:

    when I read what those jerks said, I literally cried. I can’t Believe people would be so mean and just kind of selfish to a little girl. And Just because Madison is Demi’s Sister, it doesn’t mean you haters can be jerks. I bet Madison will one day grow up to be just as awesome as her big sis :)

  37. Sarah says:

    You know, it amazes me how horrible and cruel some can be. Those are horrific things to say to anyone, and you are saying them to a little girl??? Wow you guys are SO cool. Make a little girl cry and say hateful and untrue things to her. Eff you idiots.

    Madison, if you ever read this, know that you are ADORABLE and that when you are older you wont be Adorable anymore you’ll be BEAUTIFUL. Ignore everything those jerks say. You are a sweet and talented girl. Never change <33333333333333

    Demi, I always wonder if celebs are really kind or not, and you truly r a role model! Way to support your little sis. You’re both lucky to have each other. :)

  38. Ingrid says:

    Demi, you are so beautiful and famous and skinny and pretty and you’ve got a good career and wonderful life ahead of you.

    Your sister however, is practically the fattest person on earth! When she sat down on the sofa and her mum came in and asked, “Madison, where did the sofa go?” Madison is also SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, SO UGLY AND FAT. I hope she dies so that she won’t embarrass you any further! The only bad thing in your life Demi, is your repulsive little pig-like sister! If I ever met your sister I would say these words to her, “Madison, go take a diet! You are a fat, ugly pig! Go and die! I hope you die tomorrow and then I will laugh!”

  39. missy says:

    all those people that tweeted Maddy and called her fat, a b***, a w****. Well I betcha they don’t know what those words really mean and they prob get bullied in mean life so they wanna be the bully for once. I think some of em should look in the mirror………………some people are so rude these days……….. I wish it would just stop

  40. mogan lovato says:

    Madison that was mean to say that to someone I’m going to call Santa right now to read him the message and I’m telling him that your getting cool for Christmas and I do that I’m your sister sometime you are mean to people.

  41. Lol says:

    Well, she IS ugly. You all can deny it all you want.

  42. anais says:

    Some People Gotta Stop Being Mean.. This Girl Is Adorable … For All You People Making Hurtful Comments To Maddie .. there Is a God Watching Up There And He Knows What You’re Doing.

  43. Samantha says:

    Seriously people need to shut their mouth. You my darling are gorgeous just the way you are. Don’t try to change so you can please people, jerks like that aren’t worth your time. Just hold your head up high no matter what people say!!(:

  44. camp rock girl says:

    you are so mean guys so what she is fat I think that is cute I want to tell her that you have to be proud of your self no matter what people say

  45. Fatty Maddy says:

    People please that kid is FAT. Yes FAT,not baby fat but…FAT. Stop sugar coating. Btw Madison is UGLY!

  46. angell says:

    This is disgusting and its quite rude to call someone especially a child fat she’s just a kid at the end of the day.for all those haters instead of hating on others hate yourself nobody’s perfect

  47. janelle says:

    Those comments were really mean!! she is so small and its just puppy fat. I had the same thing but as I got taller and older my body became even. those who wrote that are haters!!!

  48. Angela says:

    What happened to this world? Why is there so much hate? Keep your head held high, Madison! Believe in yourself, because that’s when the good things happen! You are beautiful, inside and out. Remember: God don’t make no junk! Keep being your beautiful self! :)

  49. Karoline says:

    if Maddie ever read this, know that you are perfect just the way you are, I truly think that, and I also think that if someone talks badly about you, then they are not worthy of talking to you, because you are beautiful!

    i can’t believe someone would wright that to any person… and feel comfort than in 10 – 15 years, they’ll be working for you, and I really hope you are going to have a good life :)

  50. miranda says:

    why are people so mean to her she just a little girl

  51. Lizzy says:

    wow this is so messed up I almost teared up how could people be so heartless to a little girl who is just enjoying life ?!?! What did she ever do to you guys so much respect whoa you guys need a reality check seriously ……how sad she is barely 10 =(

  52. veronica florez says:

    Oh your sister is her wowzy your even prettier than her I mean look at her she is really fat and your not I mean everybody likes you but not her I mean nobody even wants to go out with her only you even her little friends probably love you and they hate her love you take care

  53. LoveYouMaddie says:

    Thoughts comments were all shocking, I almost started crying. Though haters make me sick! And just remember people wear their insecurities on their shoulders! So keep your chin up!:) You are Beautiful and look just like your sister! I promise You, You will do GREAT things!!!

  54. Me says:

    Hi my name is Bob, I wanted to say you are pretty.

  55. Big sis of Me a.k.a Bob says:

    Sorry for Bob’s comment,she is really little and didn’t know what she was saying. Oh and the email we used is not ours. Thanks for you time.

  56. Me's Parents says:

    This is Me’s Parents and we wanted to say we are terribly sorry about them putting that comment. They are young and didn’t know what they were doing. Oh and the email address they used was fake. We are very sorry they put that.

  57. Me#2 says:

    Hey you, have confidence in yourself because you are very pretty and all of my friends love your hair. Madison, you are awesome.

  58. yannai says:

    hi Demi Lovato your sister is like you and half a great time and do you speak Spanish

  59. Cindy says:

    I think that they are both butt ugly with ugly horse teeth.

  60. Syl Santiago says:

    The people that sent all these hateful messages to Mad are losers. They are JEALOUS of two beautiful successful girls. I admire you guys. You both made it as actresses. Both of you are very talented and kind beautiful people. Mad do not even read the messages. These people are unhappy with themselves. The parents did not do a good job with these losers. God bless you both! Keep up the excellent job.

  61. Cindy says:

    Maddie has a moon face and Demi horse teeth

  62. iLYouu! says:

    Ok seriously, both of those girl are VERY beautiful inside and out! all them haters know absolutely nothing, sad to say haters are gonna hate, its a part of life. but never forget that you are very beautiful! all of you girls are very beautiful, I Love you <3

  63. sandra soliman says:

    You guys are a bunch of a-holes, those two girls are way more successful than any of you haters will ever be, so shut up. I bet if I saw any one of you butts in the grocery store you wouldn’t look so hot either, you guys are jealous

  64. jojo1999 says:

    omg! are all of you serious this little girl is beautiful inside and out the people who left those stupid comments are gonna be a screw up in life why would you do this to Maddie she is beautiful and Demi is so lucky to have Maddie as her sister I would love for her to be my sister!!!! MADDIE IGNORE ALL THE IGNORANCE AND KEEP GOING IN LIFE IGNORE WHAT THEY SAY AND IF I HAD A TWITTER I WOULD FOLLOW YOU EVERY SECOND !!!! ALL THIS NEWS IS JUST HEARTBREAKING TO READ!!!!!I hope one that those people will get a piece of there own medicine!!! BUT DON’T WORRY MADDIE WE LOVE YOU AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT!!!!!

  65. Teresa G.N. says:

    Wow what has this world come, to all of you who talked ugly to Maddie, just remember one thing,at least Maddie will out grow all this,and b one “beautiful” young lady. But your ugly being and rudeness is hopeless. I wanna see your comments a few years from now when Maddie is a totally different girl!!!!!GO MADDIE….And Demi, that’s right baby us Latinas stick together & fight for family first!!!!!!

  66. katrina hajowyj says:

    I’ve just seen this, and the hate towards Madison Lovato is disgusting. Especially saying that she should somehow get an eating disorder and become skinny like her sister. Madison and Demi are both absolutely gorgeous. Demi Lovato is the most inspiring girl I’ve ever seen on TV, I’d give up my life just to meet her for one day, therefore, loving her means that I also love the entire package, her family and problems.
    All of these haters are clearly so insecure and cowardly about themselves, and really need to think about the consequences of the victims life before sending out abuse.

  67. tyler says:

    wow someone’s getting fu**ed up. this is ridiculous, she’s 8 years old? she hasn’t even hit puberty, there’s no telling what could happen. and just because someone’s fat you feel the need to talk down on them? that’s fu**ing pathetic.

  68. cinnamon zombie says:

    uh, really people? Demi Lovato is unsightly. HORSE TEETH.

  69. red says:

    she’s fat so what the fu**, you don’t know what people can turn into in the future so shut your mouths and focus on your life,bullcrap!!!!;))

  70. Mandy says:

    This made me cry. How can people be so cruel?

  71. red says:

    before commenting on this think about your life Madison be proud of yourself,who do they think they are to judge people it’s the worst thing! They are jerks.

  72. Jessica says:

    This really makes me sick, how can people be so cruel to a child. She honestly seems like a nice, sweet girl, what kind of disturbed people see that and think yeah lets kill her self esteem.

  73. Disgusted Mom says:

    Where are the parents of these evil little girls that say such awful things about a child. What goes around comes around, remember that when somebody decides to point out all the things they don’t like about you, and share it with the world. I wish there was a way to make all of you feel the way you made this little girl feel.. Karma’s a bitch…it may not come to you as a child, but maybe a few years from now you will be a mom, and your child will be chubby, and you will have to watch the one person you love more than anything, suffer at the hands of a bully… Sins of the forefather…. you should watch what you say!!!!

  74. angelica says:

    You are pretty inside don’t listen to what they say if they were fat and we say rude things about them they would not like it but they are dumb probably they are jealous because your sister is famous you are beautiful inside don’t listen to them and your beautiful outside so what if she fat there’s a lot a fat people in the whole world just stop saying these rude comments you wouldn’t like it if people called you fat so just stop this is bullying bullies are losers bullies are people that are jealous or they have problems with themselves just stop or they just like making fun of kids be nice if you have something rude to say just don’t say it or write it because it is hurtful no one wants those kinds of people as friends that bully she just a little girl come on

  75. Sally says:

    all of you haters should stop picking on poor Madison what did she do to any of you guys you should just stop picking on her i bet you that ALL of you haters are all getting bullied by people to so i don’t think you should just pick on her I LOVE MADISON!! She shouldn’t have to go through this you guys are just mean i think that ALL THE HATERS should just pick on someone else she is VERY lucky to have a sister like Demi how would you like it if you where called fat and ugly i bet all you haters just want to be HER cause your so jealous she has a sister that is so beautiful she shouldn’t be picked on just because all you guy’s hate her i bet all of you want to be her!! SO STOP PICKING ON HER!!!SHE IS SO NICE AND CUTE WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PICK ON HER!!!!! I LOVE YOU MADISON!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Marie says:

    You guys are so rude how can you pick on a little girl. She is beautiful. And you are just jealous because she is living the dream. So Madison just take no notice.

  77. Marie says:


  78. Brittany says:

    Okay this for all of you that put this amazing little girl down. Think if One day your child was picked on all because she was a little bit bigger than what the world perceives to be “skinny”. Maddy is one of the cutesy little girls on TV. This child hasn’t even hit puberty yet and all of you are calling her names. When she does hit puberty your all going to be the ones who will want a picture of her because she will be beautiful just like her sisters. Maddy if you read this just know that all these people want to do is bring you down never listen to the people lime them that say things like this. You are beautiful even they know it they just want an excuse to get attention. Always believe in yourself because there are millions of people who believe in you!

  79. Jasmine Love says:

    I Don’t Think That You Guys Should Be Writing Mean Stuff About Her I That That Is Just So Rude And Disrespectful,She’s Only A Little Girl!!! :)

  80. Marianna says:

    I can’t believe how rude people are being Mady you are perfect just the way you are! Don’t listen to them people they have nothing better to do but hurt peoples feelings! FIGHT THE POWER honey keep on proving to them that you are awesome like I know you really are! AND TO ALL YOU PEOPLE YOU SHOULD BE Ashamed hurting and EIGHT year old girl like that! & her family ! YOU ARE IDIOTS & LEAVE MADY, DEMI AND ALL HER FAMILY ALONE! AS I SAID BEFORE SHE IS EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS AND KISSES
    Marianna FIGHT THE POWER Mady xxxxxxxx

  81. Courtney Silva says:

    OMG….I cant believe people have the nerve to actually say that….its so rude and uncalled for…. I’m disappointed in some people in this world….

  82. Pete says:

    They both have smelly fat-asses!!!!!!! Who gives a crap about either of these 2 disgusting turds!!!???

  83. Lindsey says:

    I know this is really old, but I just wanted to voice my opinion. What is this world coming to? Maddy is a really little girl who hasn’t hit puberty yet. Who knows, maybe once she does, she will lose her baby fat and become really beautiful. Only time will tell. I don’t think anyone can deny she’s heavy now, but there’s no telling how she will look when she’s older. Wasn’t Demi a little chubby herself? I’ve known quite a few chubby little girls who have grown up to be very beautiful young women. I myself was an overweight little girl, even though I wasn’t close to Maddy, and I have lost all my baby fat and get complimented on my figure often. I feel so sorry for this little girl, I know what it’s like to be ridiculed. Give it a few years and I’m sure Maddy will grow to be gorgeous like Demi. I can’t believe what some people will say to a little girl Maddy’s age. I think she’s adorable looking, even if she doesn’t look healthy. I’m not even a fan of Demi or Maddy, but I felt that I had to say this. I am thoroughly disgusted by these people.

  84. michaelle says:

    she ‘s so pretty

  85. michaelle says:

    in ya hate because you don’t have a little sister pretty like that . so haters shut up because she is so cute and she is a baby. If you hate her just go screw yourself @maddielovesyo who ever that is but I’m gonna tell you that stop writing crap because ugly bitch kiss Madison ass

  86. Jenna says:

    You are beautiful, don’t let anyone tell u any different. We all love you and your sister!! She is very talented at singing and you are a very good actor!!! You are better than a lot of the people that made fun of you they have no life so they pick on little girls to make them feel better…they are losers. I bet they have never been on a show! TEAM LOVATO SISTERS!

  87. audreylovedemiandmadison says:

    Why hate her? She is lucky to have a sister like Demi! She is supportive! Madison, ignore them, we all fans of you and your sister will bring you back from falling down to rising up from the ground! LIKE A SKYSCRAPER! #TeamMadison #TeamDemi

  88. Riley says:

    Maddie you are beautiful just the way you are. Don’t listen to those low life’s who say any different. God made you beautifully and if knew you I’m sure your sweet and beautiful on the inside too.

  89. Lisa45x says:

    Omg these people are so SAD how can they pick on an 8 year old girl like that, they disgust me

  90. Ilovelovatoz says:

    I love you Demi and Madison and i think you are So adorable…people are only mean to you because there jealous and have no life! Just because you got a talented sister and are incredibly pretty!:) God Bless ya!

  91. niki says:

    before insulting demi and madison, wash your mouth and look at your selves in the mirror please

  92. niki says:

    Demi and Madison you are so beautiful

  93. niki says:

    and madison follow your dreams don’t leade people annoying you bye

  94. Mishaal says:

    Stop being so mean to her she’s just a little girl and why are you being so mean?

    And Demi I’m a big Fan of you

  95. r.j. says:

    People lead sad lives and want to make other people feel as sad as they do….that’s why they pick on people. But I want to know why an 8 yr old has a twitter page?

  96. rebecca says:

    her little sis and her look so cute in that pic

  97. june says:

    i really like that picture of those two they are so nice

  98. Hannah says:

    Don’t be mean

  99. Emma says:

    Madison is beautiful. All those idiots who wrote those rude comments deserve to burn in hell. She is just a little girl. You people make me SICK! Being skinny isn’t everything. I’m skinny and I HATE it when people call me skinny. It makes me feel self-conscious. So EFF THE HATERS! You low-lifes don’t deserve to live in the same world as good people. Karma will bite you in the butt. Maddie and Demi are both beautiful and talented and anyone who disagrees is obviously jealous and has no life and feels the need to spread hate to an innocent child to make them feel better about themselves. How you can even stand to look at your pathetic self in the mirror is beyond me.

  100. shawn says:

    Look people she isnt pretty she looks like a fat tamateo but shes a huming being people shouldnt be mean even tho she looks like fat pig who eats thighs

  101. QuaQua says:

    I no I’m hecka late but That’s ridiculous that people can be so heartless. Haha all of you people that said you hope she dies and stuff like that…. seriously? You are taking it way overboard its not that serious and you can go die yourselves….not cool. And you’ve just really hurt her and its quite sad that all of u can talk junk about her and her sister and not feel like scum because you all are the ugliest people in existence and keep your opinions to yourself because no one cares what you people think especially if you’re gonna be saying stuff like that. SMH you guys should be ashamed of yourself but who are we kidding you’re not and it’s really sad

  102. sher wah says:

    Aww you both look cute..

  103. jake says:

    That’s messed up who cares what those jackass say their just Jesus mother f’s

  104. KVP says:

    Maddy is just a little girl. why do people have to be mean to her. shes not mean to u, so just shut your mouth. if u don’t like this answer, i’m just saying what i think, i really don’t care what u think of me!!!! i love demi lovato and her sister!!!! i’ve seen all seasons desperate housewives.

  105. Isaac says:

    She’s probably going to grow up and be hot like Demi so why are you even concerned if she’s a bit chubbier at this age. Who cares get over it! People need to say mean things to compensate for themselves so be it.

  106. Rhianna (no no that one) says:

    I know what maddy went through. I developed quite early and kids mistook that for fatness. Who knows? Maddy by the looks of things I going to be quite tall (look at her hands) also, people, she is a freakin 8 YEAR OLD Little girl! How would you feel if someone verbally attacked your little sister or brother?

  107. Kauany Mello Rumpel says:

    So perfect, just love these two, Demetria, my life example, my diva!
    I love you and love you beyond life!

  108. Caroline C.B. says:

    Simply i love you!

  109. BabyCakes says:

    I guess you can only say mercy on their souls they have absolutely nothing else to do or say people like that you can tell have no lives what so ever she is a BEAUTIFUL little girl and like really you’re going to have her cry because your not happy oh please you’ll be sure to get what ever is coming to you in #2013!!!!

  110. BabyCakes says:

    So watch out!

    P.S. @Maddielovesyou1 please don’t try and change because of what these callous hurtful people have to say show them that they do not get to you and just be you because even though I don’t know you it looks like you are a very smart girl Just know that the comments mean that you’re on their minds 24/7 and it makes even more famous so be you be MADISON and please don’t change!! (YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL) and you have a wonderful sister Demi I know if she got through the dumb comments then you can too!!

  111. Shanise says:

    y’all are just mean. just co you are jealous. and you’re saying she’s fat. She’s related to a star!!! and the rest of you that have called her fat are NOTHING!!!!! Maybe some of you are even FATTER than her. yh, offense!!

  112. truel says:

    well her sister is fat as heck

  113. Alana says:

    Well Demi is way more beautiful than her and Demi has a more toned, muscular body while Madison is just short and fat! It looks like she’s 190 or something. She needs to lose weight and stop looking annoying!

  114. Alyssa says:

    I’m sorry but Demi Lovato’s little sister is annoying looking. She’s fat and not beautiful with her tiny ass eyes squished in between her poo filled cheeks and overweight. Demi is gorgeous compared to that fat ugly cow! Demi is very beautiful face and nice figure and has a nice singing voice something that her little sister will never have! And yes I know Madison is only 11 but shoot. She’s ugly

  115. Jen says:

    Madison is so pretty! I wish I was as pretty as her! I’m a year older than her and at least she’s the weight she should be for her age. I struggle every day to keep up with the weight I should be (I’m really underweight) and at least Maddie’s the weight she should be! She’s really, really beautiful too! Her dark eyes are so mysterious and pretty and I have a feeling they turn gold in the sunlight. She’s got an award-winning smile like her sister too. You’re so pretty, Maddie. I’m jealous.

  116. Jen says:

    And Madison, if you’re reading this, as cliché as it sounds, ignore the haters. Don’t try to be skinny, it’s just as tough as being chubby. I eat all day to try and get chubbier, but I’ve always been super skinny and I hate it. It makes me cry a lot. You, on the other hand, are beautiful. You’re the perfect weight and you have perfectly chubby cheeks that made you look adorable, but dark eyes that give you that teenage girl vibe. You’re just so pretty!

  117. Cruz says:

    Hey Alyssa. Do you realize Madison Delegarza is only 11 years old? She’s just a little girl! Do you think she will be scared for life if she saw your threats? You had no reason to threaten to stab/cut her all because you don’t like the way her face looks! There some people’s faces that annoy me but i don’t go online and threaten them. Why don’t you sit your ass down before you get hurt!

  118. Kb says:

    Whoa who the heck keeps deleting my comments?!! It’s so annoying it happens whenever I post on any website: YouTube facebook Instagram kik whatever my comments always getting deleted!!!! If it happens again I will fly out to California all the way from North Carolina

  119. shannon says:


  120. shaney says:

    Madison my angel you are beautiful….
    This people are saying all those ugly things about you cause they are jealous….
    They wish too that they can have a life like yours but then they mess there life up by laying at home and not having a future plan or job act…
    Seeing how a amazing lil girl you are at this age make them feel even more painful cause they can’t do anything near you …
    But my angel never let words of people brings you down ,I know its hard too ignore but believe me ,you perfect as you are ,our god made us all different inside and out and that’s what making us special and unique and you will see let people judge cause the wheel turns what people say and do to you will fall back on them…
    P.S from Demi Lavato biggest fan Crazytomboy…

  121. Carmen says:

    You shouldn’t judge someone by there cover if that was you you would be crying your heart this is so messed up what people do this days at least she is a child you aren’t I am so angry right now . ???????? love you guys I wish I could just give you a big hug and meet you but that will never happen . I am sad. ???????????????????????? I am. So sorry that there are mean people out there

  122. Bonnie asdourian says:

    People are so mean but I think k it’s a reflection on their own selves not you Maddison. You are a beautiful young lady that just getting more beautiful as you grow into a young woman. I love your voice your a great singer and for you the sky is the limit ??????

  123. Bonnie asdourian says:

    Sorry my comment above was supposed to have hearts not question marks. I didn’t realize this dude don’t show the hearts until I posted it. God bless you Maddison

  124. Reagan Spivey says:

    Madison is pretty just like Demi. You will always be. Don’t listen to the other mean people. You are beautiful just like your sister.?

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