Fans, Stop Yapping On About Britney And Christina

Contributed anonymously:

I am so sick of coming on to this site and reading the monotonous essays about and Christina Aguilera. Everyone has their own opinion on both singers. Personally, I prefer Christina by a mile, but I like Britney too, despite her shockingly obvious mimed performances. A common comment made is that ‘Christina will flop after her next album’ or ‘Britney isn’t as big as she used to be.’ Both are nonsense.

When Stripped came out, every Britney fan said it had flopped, then when it sold 10 million and Britney’s In The Zone sold 7 million, it’s because record sales are down. They said Christina had flopped with Stripped, now they’re saying she will flop after her next album. Get a f**kin life!!!! And also, Britney is as big as she used to be. I don’t like when she mimes, but u have to hand it to her, she makes great pop music, whereas Christina is evolving into an R&B diva. Everyone has their own opinions and this bull**it that they will fade into obscurity any time soon is so annoying! Both have had a huge impact on the music industry and while everyone respects Christina, deep down, any person in their right mind will realize Britney IS talented. She may not be as talented as Christina, and she may not be selling as much as Christina now, but she still has millions of fans.
Face facts, both ladies are talented and if you don’t like them, don’t waste your time talking about them!

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