Fans Tell Selena Gomez: Demi Lovato Needs You

Selena Gomez shows off her record contractSeveral fans of Demi Lovato are contacting her former BFF on Twitter, urging the ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ star to help her Demi in a time of need after learning the ‘Sonny with a Chance’ star had deleted her Twitter account, pulled out of the tour, and checked in for treatment for emotional and physical issues. Among the messages sent to Selena:

ABieb****nd: Dear @Selenagomez,please help Demi. :'( she needs you.we all love her and want her to be okay. Please? With love me.<3 #Prayfordemi Remember****ckJ: @selenagomez PLEASE HELP DEMI!! BE HER BEST FRIEND AGAIN LIKE THE OLD DAYS! She needs you! ddlovat****rtV: @selenagomez please help Demi... She needs you please.... Even if you are not friends she needs you... fbmont****_: @selenagomez you should help your friend. Demi needs you. Disn****nker: @selenagomez I know y'all have been having issues but please help Demi! She's apparently hurt right now and she needs a true friend like you luv_m****er: Demi Lovato really needs @selenagomez back into her life. She's better to be BFF with her than Miley Cyrus. allis****5: dear @selenagomez, please reach out to Demi right now. I think she really needs a friend, an old friend, a friend like you. Love, her fans(: Smile****3: @selenagomez Demi really needs her true best friend right now! She needs you. I know what she is feeling like and she needs support from you De****elle: I hope @selenagomez is with Demi now... She needs a true friend by her side...specially now...and I know that Selena is one. Ingrii****: @selenagomez Demi Needs You! :'( Jad*****hanye: @SelenaGomez leave the differences aside, please go back to being best friends Demi you. SEMI need to always remember? she needs you please'

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7 thoughts on “Fans Tell Selena Gomez: Demi Lovato Needs You

  1. Jerelyn says:

    That’s so sweet and Sel, if you’re reading this I totally think you should make amends amends with Demi. Now is the perfect time, she really needs you. And that’s what true friends do.

  2. Emily says:

    am not a huge fan of Demi, but I know you were friends, and split, but Demi needs your help. She really does. You are the true person who knows how to make everything alright and better :) you can cheer anyone and help anyone out! I love you girl! :) <3

  3. Dell says:

    I’m a huge Demi and Selena fan… Nobody knows why these girls drifted apart but Selena if you’re reading this at least consider the possibility that maybe Demi really does need you to be there for her.

  4. zorienel martinez says:

    I’m your biggest fan I live in fl cape coral I love your music god bless you I’m 9 years old I hope your ok call me if you can if you do I will be so happy . pleas call me but call me wen you can and at the time is 2:30 pleas I’m so fair away I need to ask so many questions I wanna be fans so much I never went to your concert before bye good luck :):)

  5. tim says:

    Dear Selena you can’t be trade your old friend she lost her every thing that close to her maybe if you be by her side she could do the same thing if you having problem too she help you.

  6. amreen says:

    I LOVE LOVE Demi and Selena. They are my idols. Selena, I really think that you should help Demi. If you don’t want to be her bff again (but all of your fans do, including me) don’t, but at least HELP HER SHE REALLY NEEDS YOU I’m her biggest fan (and you obviously) and I don’t want, at such a young age (even when she older) for her to do this. she needs you, be a true friend that’s what I say

  7. hotshot says:

    hey Selena I know you split with Demi but do you still have any feelings for her?even just a little? Look at her,she is very miserable right now. Do you really just want to leave her alone? Think about it

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