Fans Upset As Aguilera Runs Away From Tsunami Relief

With the MTV Asia Awards 2005 being re-cast as MTV Asia Aid, a fundraiser for tsunami relief, ’s official website has removed any reference to her hosting the event, which takes place February 3rd in Bangkok, Thailand. Earlier this month, several reports suggested that Aguilera was to be a part of NBC’s ‘Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope’ on January 15th, but the singer was also absent for this event. The pullout and silence on the matter of tsunami relief has upset some of her fans, with one apparently fabricating a quote from Aguilera trying to portray her as sympathetic to the situation. One posted at “Honestly, I’m disappointed in her. And yeah, the website sucks.” Another added: “I really hope she goes, if not as a host, as a performer. Many Asian fans will be disappointed if she doesn’t and it’s such an important event too.” It’s not the first time Aguilera has found herself in the middle of controversy in Thailand, as two posters seen in the video to ‘Dirrty’ featured Thai script that translated to read “Thailand’s Sex Tourism” and “Young Underage Girls” – references to Thailand’s much-criticized, tourist-driven sex industry.

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