‘Fat Immigrant’ Teasing Made Kelly Osbourne An Addict

FemaleFirst.co.uk reports that believes her drug problems stem from being branded a “fat immigrant” by her classmates. “I moved from the countryside in England to Beverly Hills when I was 12, and I did not have friends,” Osbourne explained. “I mean, I would sit in class, and a kid would whisper in my ear, ‘Go back to England, you fu**ing fat immigrant,’ and I’d be like, ‘Mom, get me out of here!’ And then an older friend of our family thought it would be funny to take me and my brother to clubs. I think I was 13 when I went to my first one. I got drunk and was like, ‘This is so fun – people like me, and they’re not making fun of me.'”

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6 thoughts on “‘Fat Immigrant’ Teasing Made Kelly Osbourne An Addict

  1. champagne_dancer says:

    This is sad … teasing, and getting taken to clubs at an inappropriately early age (think also Tatum O’Neal and Drew Barrymore) helps young people develop eating disorders and early drug & alcohol habits. Will this vicious cycle ever be broken? I hope Kelly is all right now.

  2. ihatehilary says:

    but how did she become fat?

    “and a kid would whisper in my ear, ‘Go back to England, you fu**ing fat immigrant,'” I wonder if those are the same sweet nothings josh whispers in her ear.

    “and a kid would whisper in my ear, ‘Go back to England, you fu**ing fat immigrant,'” I agree. that’s some good advice there. maybe if kelly had taken it, she wouldn’t have become an addict. so it’s really not anybody’s fault but her own.

  3. malibu says:

    i don’t know about this…….i think everyone at one point or another is teased or has teased someone. its just a part of growing up. is it right? no, but I think she needs to take responsibility for her actions now, shes not 12 or 13 anymore. the question I would have if I were her would be, “where the heck were my parents when I was going to clubs at 13?” honestly too, there are tons of immigrants in Toronto, and everyone gets along, is it just an American thing, teasing foreigners, cuz it seems it happens alot more there then here…….or maybe we just here about it more from the states……….., anyhow kelly needed much more guidance from family, I think.

  4. ihatehilary says:

    i agree.’, ‘i tease Hilary all the time! and twisted better stay in toronto!!! along with those age of consent laws!

    and like josh does now as sweet nothings. but that’s also even funnier. it’s nicer to shout it out loud. YOU’RE A FAT COW KELLY! GO HOME!!! see?

  5. galleta says:

    Poor Kelly. Actually could it be that maybe her parents were lousy and let her go to a bar at 13 instead of teaching her how to deal with the teasing. Maybe if they had paid more attention to their kids and less to making money one of them kids would have turned out half way decent.

  6. concreterose says:

    I don’t feel sorry for this girl at all. She’s trying to get pity from the public since everyone views her as a *****. And I don’t understand why she always disses so many people when she knows how bad it hurts to get dissed.

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