Fat-one’s Holiday Diet? ‘I Indulge Like A Fat Pig’

Us Weekly asked several celebrities what’s your secret to keeping off the Holiday pounds. One of those asked, if you could believe it, was *NSYNC star Joey Fatone. “I indulge like a fat pig,” Fatone admitted. “I don’t even work out. Who cares?” Meanwhile, says, “I try to control the carbs, but it’s hard because I have a sweet tooth.”

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7 thoughts on “Fat-one’s Holiday Diet? ‘I Indulge Like A Fat Pig’

  1. Jive says:

    They got to be kidding. Joey is fat who can’t even dance and Shakira, well, she isn’t as toned compare to her peers. US Weekly must be so desperate.

  2. fingJTallnightlong says:


  3. single_female_lawyer says:

    Joey I think it is time to go on the Atkin’s diet….. You have one too many jelly rolls sweetie :) he he

  4. doodlez says:

    You know what, I’m glad that they aren’t skinny or toned. Cause really, most stars are great looing, but don’t seem human. I want some people I can actually relate to, like people who look their ages and admit to needing things… like food.

  5. tazzsgirl says:

    Leave Joey alone.He can act is funny,and the only one in Nsync whose not G.a.y.

  6. Angel_Jtfan says:

    Joey was probably kidding. He is one of the goofballs from Nsync. But who cares.. let him eat! its the holidays PIG OUT!! all the power to him.

  7. KeysGurl305 says:

    Joey = Fat Cow…..its kind of funny how you all say Joey “isnt” fat….god you fully demented people must be blinded!

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