Father Of Kylie Minogue’s Love Cheat Speaks Out

The Mirror spoke with James Gooding’s father David Gooding who says he was not surprised Kylie Minogue dumped him. “He has been playing the field and has had armfuls of girls, all high-profile types,” David explained. “He even told Kylie about his affair with Sophie Dahl, so what did he expect?” As for James’ tabloid kiss-and-tell, a source close to Kylie said, “This is the end for James. Kylie will cut him out of her life for good. He will be airbrushed from her history. As far as she is concerned, that’s it. Kylie hoped they would be able to stay friends when their relationship finished but James has made sure it will never happen.”

Kylie Minogue Asks Oliver Martinez To Meet Her Parents

March 10, 2003 – The Sun reports Kylie Minogue has asked new boyfriend Olivier Martinez to fly to Australia to meet her parents. “Kylie called her mum last Friday to ask if she and Olivier can stay at their home,” a source close to Kylie said. “[Kylie’s mother] Carol is overjoyed at the prospect and is eager that Kylie finds love. Both Ron and Carol have always had reservations about her relationship with James Gooding and are secretly glad it’s completely over.” Read more.

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