Fausto Aguilera Begs Christina For One More Chance

Globe magazine spoke with Christina Aguilera’s father Fausto following the shocking allegations from his ex-wife Shelly Kearns charging him of being “very cruel and abusive towards us” on her daughter’s website. Fausto said, “My relationship with her mother was tense and I wasn’t perfect. But I love Christina and her sister Rachel. I never abused them in any way and they know that.”

As for how he treated Shelly during their 10 year marriage that ended in divorce in 1989, Fausto said, “Shelly and I disagreed on a lot of things and we both had hot tempers. I’m sorry to have ever raised a hand to my wife, but it was never brutal like Ike and Tina Turner. Still, even though it’s been exaggerated, I respect Shelly and Christina’s right to remember things differently.”

His current relationship with Christina is strained despite having finally reunited after more than a decade in 2000. Fausto revealed, “I haven’t seen her in person since Thanksgiving 2000. We talk occasionally on the telephone and we sent each other Christmas presents last year. But it could be a lot better.”

The strained relationship has also been brutal for Christina’s immigrant grandparents who helped care for her as a toddler and miss her very much. An insider revealed, “It’s tearing the grandparents apart that the little girl they helped raise has become a stranger to them.” No matter what though, Fausto insists of his daughters, “I won’t stop loving them until the day I die.”

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7 thoughts on “Fausto Aguilera Begs Christina For One More Chance

  1. EndIsNear says:

    I hope she tells him to go to hell, he’s a greedy bastard, he doesn’t give a damn about her, he’s only begging for the money.

  2. SmilingMonkey says:

    Whether he hit her mother hard or soft it was still hitting!

    And when he says he didn’t do anything to Christina well hitting her mother was enough.

    I mean if you see your mother being beaten up by your father that is damaging to you.

    He may not laid a hand on Christina and Rachel but he did damage their minds.

  3. an admiring fann says:

    I admire Christina for bringing her father back into her life and respect her even more for all she has gone through to get where she is in her life right now.

  4. pauline says:

    that’s great but Christina most love him more because he love her and he miss her the problem was past and now is a new life and she most be with his father the more time she have

  5. mia dunson says:

    I think Christina did the right thing by letting her father back in her life but I hope she did it slowly and let him take one step at a time honestly I wouldn’t have let him back in my life at all

  6. Lilyveth says:

    its funny how he thinks they are exaggerated but in Christina’s life it’s more than exaggeration, it’s the cause of depression darkness and even past PAST time with drugs! got this from BEHIND THE MUSIC Christina Aguilera! what about the song it’s ok seemed like more than just disagreements and a few minor slaps to the face! “bruises fade father but the pain remains the same all the times that you kept me so afraid” seems like much much more, and way deep too.

  7. Deb W says:

    I actually knew them when they attended the Mormon Church on Staten Island back in the late 70’s. I remember seeing Christina as a baby. Fausto always seemed like a very sweet and quiet man, but he could have been different at home. Shelly was very quiet like a little mouse. Who knows what their home life was like, but I always remember Fausto as being very nice. He has a sister who is an absolute doll — very, very nice person. It’s a shame if they are exaggerating the truth. But no one knows but them.

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