Fausto Tried To Have Christina Aguilera Adopted By Step-Father

WENN reports is revealing her father Fausto tried to convince her step-dad Jim Kearns to adopt her, after spending years distancing himself from his young daughter following his 1986 divorce from Shelly Kearns. “Dad was never really there throughout my life – he even suggested I get adopted by my step-father which I was completely against because I’m Aguilera,” she said. “I knew some Spanish when I was very little because my father would speak it at home but, over the years, I forgot it or, perhaps it got blocked. For the past couple of years, I’ve been working with a Spanish tutor on my language skills and I’ve worked like a dog to do Spanish versions of my albums.”

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One thought on “Fausto Tried To Have Christina Aguilera Adopted By Step-Father

  1. PL says:

    Thats terrible, I’m glad she is proud of her background and stuck with her Hispanic name. I’m sadden to know that her father would have just suggested to have her stepfather adopt her.

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