Fed Up Xposed Members Reporting Fanclub To BBB

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’s fan club, Xposed, apparently, isn’t giving “what fans want.” Ever since Xposed opened up a little over 6 months ago, nothing but problems arose from it. Many membership kits were not being sent out and many fans are complaining about the ridiculous prices they’ve set for joining and for merchandise.

eviltemptressdq, a member of Christina Aguilera’s Xposed fansite says, ” Tons of Xposed members have TRIED to just take this up with the company. Phone calls and emails have been going un-answered. Shelly, did you know that? The customer service line for Xposed isn’t even being ANSWERED anymore.”

Fans are not getting what they paid for, here’s another excerpt from the letter, “When people purchasing their rather extremely overpriced Xclusive Tickets, members were promised “An Xclusive lanyard that will give you first access to the merchandise booth” as well as being told that if they wore the lanyard, Xposed people would give them tshirts at the shows. Neither thing happened. I was sitting in Pittsburgh with an entire row of people with lanyards, and not one person had gotten anything (let alone even SEEN anyone from Xposed.) Some people who paid the 300 bucks to do Rope were taken backstage on their tour… for a MEASLY 5-7 minutes! AAH! Some say theirs was up to 30 minutes. What is the point of that? Again, Velvet Rope was a huge waste of money to a LOT of people. Not only that, but supposedly someone at a recent show didn’t even get the “guaranteed” first 10 rows! They were in the 11th row! Also, they didn’t start giving out autographed prizes until the last few shows, either. AND, gave out raffle prizes when half of the groups would be out of the room, purchasing merchandise.”

She also explains, “Shelly, many of the people at Xposed have begun reporting them to the Better Business Bureau! And I will admit I am considering it myself. I have spent enough time trying to accomplish something by “asking” about it at the forums, trying to make phone calls, and sending emails. If they are only going to continue to ignore us (or WORSE, tell us to “get a life”), than it seems that something more harsh than a forum full of complaints and whining is going to accomplish.”

Shelly Kearns, mother of the sultry R&B/Pop Diva states, “I did ask the Xposed people though, about the kits once I heard there was
some sort of problem from the fans. I was told that they are finally
wrapping up (I have NO idea what they heck took them so long. Some trouble
with production, I think). So it shouldn’t be long at all now.”

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3 thoughts on “Fed Up Xposed Members Reporting Fanclub To BBB

  1. Tig says:

    Sounds like bad publicity, she better give out some free tickets to shut these people up. Mariah’s Honey B Fly is not any better. Trust me on that. What do people want….BLOOD.

  2. lancesdevil3 says:

    well I signed up for in when it first came out and they took it off my credit card and I haven’t gotta a thing so I am really mad at that sh*t. maybe other people got stuff but I didn’t.

  3. jimmypee says:

    that’s disappointing LMAO at the person complaining about being in the 11th row…..WOW one row out. big deal.

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