Fefe Dobson Discusses Songwriting And ‘Ghost’

spoke with Tatiana Diana of YoungHollywood.com about her secrets on how she writes her music as well as what’s the premise of her new music video ‘Ghost’.

“The concept is basically dating a guy, and he cheats on you and he gets caught,” Fefe said. “You decide to run away, and say it’s over and he loses his mind because he misses you so much.”

As for the premise of the song’s music video, she said, “Basically, I just catch him cheating, making out with another girl and I freak out. I leave and pack my stuff. He just starts tripping out. He can’t get me out of his head and he sees me everywhere and it makes him go crazy basically. I think a lot of people can relate to that. A lot of times you miss it when it’s gone and you can’t get it back.”

On the music video creation process, Fefe said, “Music videos are great if you have great people and I do. I have amazing people around me that make me smile and tell me I look good, or if I don’t look good, tell me I look really bad. Mostly I just have a great team.”

Watch the interview below.

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