Fefe Dobson Readies New Album For June Release

checked in with fans on her official website on Friday (February 24). She writes:

“HEY EVERYBODY! I am sitting at home in my music room and I got super inspired to write! It’s like almost 12 am here in freezin cold Toronto… and like usual, I am not tired! I don’t know why but I am just not tired! I’m such a nerd …can you believe that I just got internet in my place TODAY… for the first time… most of you are probably thinkin to yourselves that I’m from outer space to not have internet… but like I said I’m a nerd! Ha! I’m so stoked!! My album is dropping in June… and I can’t wait for you all to hear it!! OH YEAH! My single is called ‘This is My Life’… and right now we’re in talks as to what kinda video we want to make! But I want to know what kinda video YOU would like me to make! So get chattin on the message boards about what you would like to see me do more of! I am really interested in knowing!”

“Nothing too crazy though! Ha! I don’t want to have to shave my head bald or somethin! I don’t think I would look too cute like that! LOL Oh I have to let you guys know whats new in my world! I am so fortunate to be apart of an awesome book called, ‘Inside The Mind of Gideon Rayburn’. It’s writen by Sarah Miller and its produced by the creators of ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’. I have a really great feeling that this book is gonna be BIG! I think its ILL!!

“Also I just shot a photoshoot for Eastsport backpacks! I’m apart of this campaign thats coming out this fall! And I have to say, when I saw the backpacks I thought they were really cool! Very ILL! I would totally be proud to carry my books in them!!

“AND last but not least! I am performing for a Disney grad nite show with a bunch of great dudes… Fall Out Boy (label mates)… Omarion (haven’t met him but would love to)… and Simple Plan (fellow Canadian buddies)! I’m soooooo super excited about that! To get back on the stage and play music! Before I jet, I just want to say that the Saturday that just passed I got to sing the Canadian anthem at The Nba All Star game in Houston… and it went really well! If for some reason you missed it , you should totally check it out!


“Then look for Allstar and then click on Sat. nite and there I will be!!!

[or just click here] (nba.com has since removed the video)

“Anyways gotta go…BUT I can not wait to see you all again at one of my shows or just maybe I will bump into one of you and then we’ll hang out and gab about boyz!!! hehe

“Peace I’m out! Fefe.

“p.s. Victor keep going with that site! You are awesome!! Thanks man!!”

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