Feist Owes A Lot To Sally Seltmann


spoke with Time Off magazine about how a song given to her by Melbourne-based labelmate , aka New Buffalo, catapulted her into becoming a household name and multiple Grammy winner with ‘1234’. “We’re both on [Canadian label] Arts And Crafts,” Feist told Vincent Gambini, “so I asked her to come and tour Canada with me. At the end of the tour she came on the bus and said, ‘I wrote this song right after I heard [Feist’s song] ‘Mushaboom’ and I think it’s for you to sing, not for me to sing, and here it is.’ And she played me this sweet, little, very slow, very melodic song. I recorded it on my laptop sitting in the bus with her so I’d have a version to reference back to and when I listen to it now it’s such an embryo – everything is there.” Timeoff.com.au has since removed the full article.

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