Felder: Las Vegas Annulment’s Are A ‘Legal Fantasy’

MTV News spoke with famed divorce lawyer Raoul Felder about Britney Spears’ wedding and same day annulment to Jason Alexander in Las Vegas on Saturday (January 3), and the concept of allulment. “It’s saying something never existed that we all know existed,” he explained. “It’s a legal fantasy. It can’t happen in a real state like [it did], it happens only in Vegas like that. People do it so that when they meet someone at a cocktail party they can say they have never been married.” Felder said couples sometimes opt for an annulment to avoid the stigma of a divorce, paving the way for a church-sanctioned marriage in the future. “It’s absurd that she said she didn’t understand,” Felder said. “But she should have no problem getting married again, since if you get annulled in one state it is recognized in all states.” Read more.

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