Ferras Begins Writing Second Album

Ferras in a bedroom

Ferras checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@ferrasmusic) on Tuesday (September 9), where the Los Angeles based singer songwriter talked about beginning work on a follow-up to his April debut album ‘Aliens & Rainbows’. Ferras writes:

Here’s been a lot of changes at my label Capitol Records. There’s a whole new team of people that just came in and they are really amazing. I’m not sure how much detail I can go into right now without getting in trouble but let’s just say that I’m very excited and sorry I’ve been MIA. Since there were so many different changes going on at my label over the past few months, we’ve been going back and forth which single to go to radio with – what’s the next step for Mr. Ferras lol. And right now, I’m in writing mode. Discovery process. Who am I where do I wanna go and what do I have to say. ‘Aliens and Rainbows’ was/is a glimpse into my soul. I think perhaps it might have been a better second record because getting so deep initially is sometimes hard for peeps to understand. That’s just where I was at in my life and at that time. I’m very proud of it and it will always be my baby. My first record. I wish I had more news ie some huge tour or some other big thing to tell you guys but I don’t. Right now I’m waiting for word from the big dawgs to tell me what’s next for me! I’m excited though because I feel like I need a minute to just run away and really create. Create something that’s new. I love recording and writing and the whole studio process so we’ll see. I promise you guys, I’ll never let you down. I’ll never go away and I’ll always make music with or without anyone else’s help. It’s my heartbeat and my breath of life and even if I end up on some desert island poor and lonely, I’ll have my laptop and garage band and I’ll update my demos on MySpace so you guys can have access to me and to my soul. I always have been and will continue to be honest with you guys and will never disappear. Don’t think because you haven’t heard from me I’ve abandoned you guys. Sometimes, it’s just easier to wait to tell you guys stuff rather than get yo3u excited and have things fall through. Anyway. Nuff bout all this. I’m not going nowhere. I’m not stopping. Truth and love prevails and I operate with that philosophy. Stay tuned you guys and please be patient and I know I love you so much and we are in it 2gether. My next record is on horizon and its gonna be sick. I know it. Patience is something I strive for everyday.

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