Ferras Gives ‘Wanted’ And Angelina Jolie A Thumbs Up

Ferras yells

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@ferrasmusic) on Thursday (July 10) after viewing the new film ‘Wanted’ at Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood. “Angelina Jolie is SMOKIN HOT!! I mean wow,” he writes. “The last time I remember picking my jaw off the floor like this was when had on that see thru black lace shirt in her ‘Vogue’ video back in the 80’s. I remember being a little boy and just watching her and literally not being able to tear my eyes off the screen even if someone was waving a Happy Meal in front of me. I felt like that tonight. Angie is not only (outwardly) beautiful but commands attention with her eyes, the way she moves, the way she talks – everything about her is CAPTIVATING!!!! AHHHHHH. The movie is good too. Ish. It’s worth seeing. The lead guy was good too actually. Anyway back to Angie. It might be totally tacky and slightly fan obsessed, but I am considering a tattoo. Wow, okay. Now I feel weird. Scratch that. Maybe just ‘Angelina’. Less creepy than a pic of her face on my arm right? hahahaha.”

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2 thoughts on “Ferras Gives ‘Wanted’ And Angelina Jolie A Thumbs Up

  1. pl says:

    Yea.. Angelina is way hot and a talented actress!!

  2. Tules says:

    I feel the same way about Angelina. She commands attention, but does it gracefully. Powerful and sexy!

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