Ferras’ Next Album Will Explore Just Having Fun

Ferras doorway

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@ferrasmusic) on Saturday (November 29), talking about Thanksgiving, self-help books, and progress on his ‘Aliens & Rainbows’ follow-up. The Los Angeles based pop singer tells readers:

Well. I’ve been SUPER busy in the studio the last month. Just to clarify, I’m not recording an album right now. I’ve actually been hooking up with different producers, writers etc just getting a creative flow going. Trying to figure out the next step for me. I wanna do something different for my next record. My first record was a product of years of self-analyzation- pain- longing- love etc. It was a very deep, get to the personal side of Ferras. I was in that space and it was really like almost like a biography of emotions wrapped into one record. Right now, as I am creating, I have different feelings, different thoughts, and different experiences. I’m in a whole new spot. I’ve been going out, living life and experiencing the not so serious side. I think that my next record will explore just having fun. Dancing. Not taking sh** too serious. Of course there will be love songs (as im always either falling for someone obsessively or failing miserably in a relationship) lol and it will always be lighter and something different. Right now, I’m exploring in the studio. I’ve been working with some great producers and writers and things are falling into place. Once I feel like I’ve nailed the direction for my next incarnation :) then he next phase happens. I hope that whatever direction musically my next record takes that you all will still be here to support and love me. I know that I’m really excited about some of the new stuff and I CANT, I REPEAT, CAN’T wait to share it with all of you. :) Damn soon kidz

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