FILA Urged To Drop Paris Hilton Ad Deal

The New York Post is reporting on the following e-mail, apparently initiated by Linda Taylor, has been sent to FILA after recently shot an ad campaign for the clothing giant:


Subject: National Boycott of FILA due to endorsement. She is a Racist and a Bigot!!

Dear FILA,

I am writing to inform you that my friends and I will no longer support your company, as you have a well known racist and bigot as a spokesperson. I am referring to Ms. Paris Hilton. In case you are not aware, Ms. has been caught on tape making very horrendous and hurtful comments by perpetually calling people “Chinks, Niggers, and Faggots.” As if that was not enough, she has also been photographed with illegal drug paraphernalia (i.e. Cocaine and Marijuana).

We have been a supporter of the FILA brand for several decades. We have followed your ad campaigns, and celebrated when they featured such strong women as Janis Saffell, Carla Overbeck, Meg Perkins, and African American gospel singer Yolanda Adams – who happens to be a former school teacher. It is well documented that Ms. Paris Hilton barely received a GED.

We represent all nationalities, both genders and a plethora of social economic backgrounds, and we are cognizant of the power of our spending dollar. In lieu, of the disgrace Paris Hilton, has brought to herself and her family; we have no other recourse than to boycott her, her endorsements, and the Hilton brand. Also, any media outlets that glamorize her thus, ignoring her constant racist and bigoted behavior.

We are requesting her contract be canceled immediately! I am confident that given the a fore outlined concerns by your consumers Paris Hilton, is not the “face” you or any Fortune 500 company desires for an ad campaign. Lastly, once she has been removed we will resume our support of the FILA brand.

Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.


National Boycott of Paris Hilton Movement

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