Finger Pointing After Justified & Stripped Cancellation

The Vancouver Province has more details on last night’s cancelled ‘Justified and Stripped’ tour stop in Vancouver, BC, as both sides seem to be pointing the finger at each other. HOB’s Paul Haagenson said, “The logistics of getting 16 trucks cleared is part of the factoring in on the timing of the show. It’s a 10-hour show to put up and you can’t make it happen if the trucks aren’t all there when they need to be.” Janis Fergusson, of Citizenship and Immigration, said the promoters should have allowed for delays, calling the 2-1/2-hour wait to clear 16 semis through immigration nothing out of the ordinary.

Not-So-Dynamic Duo

June 12, 2003 – Tony Hicks of the Contra Costa Times reviewed the and concert on Friday (June 6) at the Oakland Arena. Hicks said Aguilera “lacked tangible direction on stage” and “she seemed intent on pushing attention away from her voice and toward her sexuality.” As for Timberlake, Hicks says the *NSYNC star show “was a far cry from the spectacle of his boy band days.”

Timberlake & Aguilera Concert Cancelled In Vancouver

June 12, 2003 – reports *NSYNC star and Christina Aguilera were supposed to perform at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver Wednesday night, but the Justified and Stripped tour came to a screeching halt at the U.S. border. Pacific Coliseum officials were told Timberlake and Aguilera’s 16 semis containing tour equipment were held for five hours at the border, but Immigration Canada says that they were only held for two hours.

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