Football Night Is Date Night For Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo

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People caught up with Nick Lachey in Tampa Bay Friday night, where the former singer was hosting a kickoff party for his Super Skins Celebrity Golf Tournament. The 35-year-old talked about how great it is his girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo is as much of a sports fan as he is. “In fact, football night often becomes date night, which is a nice combo for me,” the Cincinnati native said. “She’s down to hang out and go to the game. So it’s definitely something we agree on.”

Nick Amazed By Media Buzz About Jessica’s Weight

January 30, 2009 – Nick Lachey tells ‘Extra’ that the media uproar over his ex-wife Jessica Simpson’s weight gain has him shocked. “I wish her nothing but the best, and I hope she’s happy – whatever size that comes in,” the former star said. “I can’t believe it’s this big of a story and people are making such a huge deal about it. I’m never ceased to be amazed by people’s reactions to things.”

Nick Lachey: I Can’t Be A Serial Dater Like George Clooney

December 17, 2008 – Nick Lachey stopped by the Q92 studios to hang out with Nikolina and some of the Canton, Ohio station’s lucky listeners.

Asked about why he got in a serious relationship with Vanessa Minnillo so soon after his divorce from Jessica Simpson, the former singer responded, “I can’t be like the Playboy guy. I mean I love George Clooney, I couldn’t be George Clooney. You know, just be like a serial dater. For me, I enjoy – even though my marriage didn’t work out – I enjoy the idea of being married. For me that’s the ultimate goal, to have a family and all.”

Nick also talked about his new album ‘Coming Up For Air’, and his new single off the album ‘Patience’, a cover of the Take That hit. Watch a portion of the interview below.

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