Former Employee Reveals Secret Michael Jackson Liaisons

Tyson spoke with ‘Celebrity Justice’ by phone for 45 minutes on Monday (April 12), and he revealed stunning, new details about the case against his friend for child molestation. Tyson, who has been around Jackson since he was 13, told ‘CJ’ that he shared a bed with the singer from time to time, while still a minor. Tyson says he and Jackson would have frequent and graphic sexual conversations in bed, conversations about women, but he says Jackson never laid a hand on him. In fact, Tyson says Jackson is completely straight and there is a woman Jackson has secretly seen for years and Tyson says he arranged liaisons for the two.

Cancels Easter Egg Hunt

April 12, 2004 – Jay Leno joked about Michael during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night. Jay says, “In case you haven’t heard, the Easter Egg Hunt at the Neverland Ranch has been postponed until after the trial.”

Michael Jackson Remains In DC

April 4, 2004 – The Washington Post reports Michael was still in the city on Friday (April 2), according to insiders, after picking up his humanitarian award Thursday night from the African Ambassadors’ Spouses Association. While some speculated that Jackson’s visit to the capitol was an effort to deflect attention from his court woes in California, Senegal Ambassador Amadou Lamine isn’t buying it. “Having a song about HIV and talking about the positive aspects of Africa will have a far-reaching consequence for all of Africa,” he said.

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