Former Enrique Iglesias Fan Loses Respect After Being Brushed Away

A former fan of shared her heartbreaking story of meeting the Latin hearthrob in Las Vegas over the weekend, where he ignored his two fans as a minder ushered them away in plain sight of the singer. “We headed back to the MGM and as my sister and I are walking towards the elevator some guy approches us and asked us if we wanted to meet a ‘famous jerk,'” she explained. “It took me by surprise when he said look for the guy in the red hat. It’s Enrique Iglesias. We of course didn’t believe him so we walked towards the tables and sure enough it was him. After calming myself down my sister and I decided to approach him to ask him for a picture and to autograph our concert tickets. After all we did fly out there for his concert. So as we get closer we are stopped by this short bald man who said ‘step away’. I hadn’t even said a word yet – so I said all I want is an autograph, he said it was against casino rules to do such a thing. I was trying really hard at this point for at least the autograph, and while this is happening Enrique is next to us at the table listening to the entire conversation. He would glance at me and try to hide his face with his hands. I walked away upset and almost in tears, to think that the guy that I have admired for many years and is always very sweet in front of cameras could ignore his fans and let them be treated like this by his people. Not only did I loose respect for him, but I really don’t admire him like I did before.”

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2 thoughts on “Former Enrique Iglesias Fan Loses Respect After Being Brushed Away

  1. kinda says:

    well if you admired Enrique that much of course it wouldn’t be a problem and you would’ve understand that he has the right for some privacy.
    he can’t pay attention to every single fan,
    you must understand if you are a real fan of him

  2. angela matar says:

    I love very much Enrique Iglesias and all his songs.
    I have been a fan of Enrique for one year.

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