Former Michael Jackson Dancer Penning Tell-All

Tatiana Thumbtzen, a former dancer for Michael Jackson, is writing a tell-all that she’s selling on the internet, profiling her late ’80s romance with the King of Pop. “She used to tell me lots of dirt about him and the craziness that was always going on and about Michael’s complete obsession with Macaulay Culkin, and about how Michael was always talking about how he couldn’t wait to see Macaulay and his bee-stung lips,” a source told Jeannette Walls of Read more.

Accuser Wasn’t Coerced Into Making Video

August 13, 2004 – Roger Friedman of reports that despite claims from Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon that Michael’s people pressured his accuser and mother to say Jackson was a great guy who-d done no harm to him, sources say with a dozen people in the room, evidence doesn’t indicate any pressure. “Don’t you think if they were uncomfortable they would have said something?” asked one of the people who was present but asked for anonymity. “How about the mother’s boyfriend, a U.S. Army major who knew everything that was going on? He didn’t even think enough of this to come and watch.” The full story at has since been removed.

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One thought on “Former Michael Jackson Dancer Penning Tell-All

  1. Hanns says:

    I wish people would just leave the poor man alone. they have no proof, and they never will have any proof because he didn’t even do anything. the world needs to just leave him alone and get on with their own lives. if it isn’t about him being a pedo, then its about his plastic surgery and skin color. leave the man alone!!!! its getting so ridiculous!

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