Frankie J Teams Up With JC Chasez On His New Album

Frankie J spoke with MTV News about an as-yet-untitled track which will be penned by himself, JC Chasez, and songwriter Sean Garrett. “I’ve been working with a few different people,” the Tijuana, Mexico-born singer said. “I’m actually on my way to Atlanta to do a song with for his new record. I know his manager through a mutual friend. He told me JC was working on some new stuff, so we met up for lunch one day to talk business and we just clicked.” As for the star’s sophomore album, Frankie said, “I’ve heard some of JC’s stuff and it’s very different. He’s not really following the sound of what’s popular on radio today, which is good because he’s not trying to be anyone else. He just wants to be JC. I’m not sure what to expect when I go in, but I know I’m looking forward to what comes out of it.” Read more.

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