Frankmusik ‘Confusion Girl’ Video Behind The Scenes

Frankmusik behind the scenes on his 'Confusion Girl' music video shoot posted some behind the scenes footage from his ‘Confusion Girl’ video shoot. The single is available to download July 5th. Frankmusik talked about the video, as did Holly Valance, who is featured in the clip and requested a kissing scene with the singer/producer, who is also working on her new album.

“‘Confusion Girl’ is about a guy who is completely nuts about a person and the fact that basically she does all these things that make him doubt and question everything. The idea in the video was to sort of translate that confusion and being confused by everything. Holly and I are working together at the moment on an album. I asked her sort of jokingly if she’d be in the video and she said yes.”

Watch the video at Muzu.

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