Frankmusik & Jeffree Star In Snit Over Britney Tracks Claim

Frankmusik posted a bulletin to his MySpace fans (@frankmusik) on Thursday ( 4). He writes:

hates me ha ha!!

Ok so here is the deal. My friend Mika Doll has flown to New York to do some shows and generally mingle with the rad people of New York! Cool you may think! Well it was fine until some stuff I said to Mika Doll got relaid to Jeffree Star. So my friend David Norland who I co own Apparent Records with, asked me to put some pitches forward for as he knew one of the producers on her (apparent) album. So I put two tracks together and only sent one of them. My friend and business partner David wrote a top line for the track and never finished the top line but it was in his pipe line to finish in the near future. So, I told people I was putting tracks forward for Britney Spears as that is exactly what I was doing! Then Mika told j* that I was writing for Britney Spears and this is the ridiculous and quite frankly stupid conversation I had with him (see screen capture – since removed). Oh j* you fickle and silly person. Aldo Shoe Store in South Coast Plaza. Is it treating you well honey?

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