Frankmusik Made No Attempt To Make Hits On ‘Do It In The AM’


spoke with melophobe in a Q&A, where the British pop singer talked about the big difference between his latest single and album title track ‘Do it in the AM’ and the single that preceded it, ‘Fear Inside’. “The thing is, there’s no attempt to make hits,” the 25-year-old confessed. “I’ll throw so much sh** to the wall until something sticks. So many demos lead to the 12 tracks that end up on each album. I’m still writing, still convinced that I can do better. As long as I keep that mentality, then I’m in the right job. But at this point, I’ve been opening the doors to other writers. This has been really exciting and really refreshing. I felt burnt out just relying on myself, as most of songs are based on a relationship that of course went wrong.”

The interview at has since been removed.

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