Freakshow Of Music

Contributed anonymously:

So many of you get so serious and worked up about all this stuff, I don’t get why! The music industry today is a JOKE!!! Don’t get mad about it, just laugh! I mean come on!!

There is a scantily clad, clown haired girl with the vocals of Aretha Franklin.

An exhibitionist who is constantly drunk and haggard and does the funniest things.

A little punk poser who is actually more like a homecoming queen.

A few boys thrown together to make boyband after boyband.

A woman better known for her large butt than her music.

A couple of typical sugar and spice and everything nice girls.

A lunitic with great chords who breaks down every once in a while and just shows up places..

A couple of hetero-questionable latino singers.

A woman so old that she needs to kiss other women and remarry as many times as possible to convince herself she is peter pan,

and a man who lives in neverland – literally – and just happens to enjoy the company of little boys, and then there’s his sister!

The “musicians” of today – Avril Lavigne , , , the BackSteet Boys , *NSYNC , Enrique Inglesias , Ricky Martin , Jennifer Lopez , Madonna , Michael Jackson , Jessica Simpson , , Mariah Carey etc.
They do not make up a music industry – they make up a freak show!!

So don’t get so damn uptight, just relax and laugh

Mandy Moore On The NBA

January 7, 2004 – Mandy Moore visited the NBA Store recently and expounded on one of her favorite subjects: The NBA. She says, “Hi Guys! Even though I am not exactly athletically gifted, I’m a hoops junkie. Always have been. Growing up in Orlando, I wanted a pair of Penny Hardaway sneakers so bad I joined a basketball league just so I could get them. My family had season tickets to the Magic back in the Shaq-Penny days. We had two really good courtside seats and two nose-bleed seats and it was always a battle as to who would sit where during the games. I love T-Mac, but it’s tough forgetting those Penny-to-Shaq plays that would lift me out of my courtside seats. That’s right, I usually won the battle.”

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