Fred Durst Ate Britney Spears’ Ass

Contributed by jimmyp: reports Crazy Cabbie called in to the Howard Stern show this morning from San Francisco to talk about hanging out with Metallica. He said they had a big press conference yesterday where they announce a tour with Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. Cabbie said Fred Durst was there and he got a quick interview with him. He said he asked him a few questions but his people were pulling him away for some reason. Cabbie figured he wasn’t as important as TV. Cabbie said he asked Fred about Britney Spears. Fred let him ask about Britney. While he was talking about this the delay button was hit so we don’t know exactly what he was saying. It turns out Durst told Cabbie that he ”ate Britney’s ass.” Cabbie said they’ll be playing tape of that interview on the Cane and Cabbie show this afternoon. Howard said he’d do that if he could too. Howard and the guys continued to talk about that subject so the delay button got hit a few more times. Howard had to take a break shortly after that.

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