Fred Durst Fumes Over Christina Aguilera Over VMA Rehearsal

The portion of the Playboy article on Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst where he talks about was posted. The interview reportedly took place about 18 months ago and is perhaps the most revealing of the comments he’s made concerning Aguilera begging him to perform with her on the MTV Video Music Awards. Durst fumed, “She didn’t even show up for the fu** ing [VMA] rehearsal. I’m sitting in the hotel room with my managers the day of the rehearsals and she ain’t comming. She’s fixing her hair. So I storm into her room, going, ‘What the fu** are you doing?’ She goes, ‘Calm down.’ I go, “No, fu** you! I ain’t fu**ing doing this damn song.’ So she starts crying hysterically, freaking out. I go, ‘OK, I’ll fu**ing do it.’ I did her a fu**ing favor, and all I got was a bunch of sh** from my fans were like, ‘What the fu** did you do that for?'”

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