Fred Durst On Britney Spears Collaboration That Went Bad

MTV News reports that before blasting during Limp Bizkit’s concert at London’s Finsbury Park, frontman Fred Durst also spoke with reporters beforehand on the collaboration with the singer that went bad. “Her label had called me and said Britney’s trying to be shocking and different and daring,” he said of the pairing during a press conference before the show. “So we get in the studio, and it was my way of seeing if we had chemistry at all and if I thought she was cool or this crazy, dumb little pop girl with this great ass.” Read more.

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10 thoughts on “Fred Durst On Britney Spears Collaboration That Went Bad

  1. Tig says:

    Either Fred Durst is Pus*y-Whipped or he is just obsessed with Britney, man, get over it. He’s like 40 and stalks these 22 year olds. He needs to be arrested and be-headed.

  2. BringMeToLifee says:

    Fred Durst, we know how Britney accidentally bit your penis off but why are you still bitter? It was a mistake, I presume unless she thought it was a lollipop.

  3. louee says:

    Fred needs to move on and find better ways to promote his new album (like actually make some good music). He’s just making himself look stupid because Britney has never claimed him in an intimate way. That sleaze ball tries to down every pretty girl that doesn’t want to get with him. Look at what he said about Xtina. Looks like those two singers have everything in common. Fred is the *****, Britney is the best!

  4. sexyxtina25 says:

    don’t even bring my girl Christina in this there’s a difference between Christina and Britney Christina didn’t sleep with him and bimbo Britney did that’s why Fred is still talking about it cause that lying whore won’t admit it he never did that to Christina because she never gave it up. Christina rocks.

  5. HoneyRain says:

    No offense to Britney but she was stupid StUpId STUPID for even trying to collaborate with Fred.. after what he did to Christina.. she should have known that he would say some negative sh** about her when things didn’t go his way.. he is so childish.. he needs to accept and get over the fact that he can’t have every girl he wants

  6. louee says:

    sexyxtina25, You are being absurd. How do you know that Britney slept with him and Christina didn’t? Were you there? Even if Brit did have sex with him, that’s her biz and he has no right to exploit their private life or call her a *****. You have no right to call her a whore. And there is not a huge difference between Brit and X in this case. They both collaborated with him only to be rewarded with his taunting and cruel sex claims. I see a lot of similarities here. Fred is such a jerk. He never deserved to work with those two great artists.

  7. sexyxtina25 says:

    please bimbo Britney is a straight up liar that’s how I know Fred’s telling the truth he never said he dated Christina because she always made sure she pointed out that she did not want him and in plus Fred finally got the point that Christina did not want his ass but for some reason I think bimbo Britney did mess around with him we all know she’s a total liar and she’s been very loose acting lately.lmao

  8. perfectly-imperfect says:

    ^^^ lmao, aren’t you the xtinasister11 girl? the new ’25’ at the end of your name doesn’t fool anyone, you incompetent, preteen douchebag. Anyways, Fred needs to get over it. He’s a 30 something year old man still playing high school games. His children must be proud to call him daddy.

  9. louee says:

    This is not about Britney being a liar. She does not have to tell us what goes on in her bedroom if she doesn’t want to. Fred is being a jerk and he’s being exploitative. He did the same thing to Xtina, and whether or not he ever slept with either of them is beside the point. He should not be trying to tarnish the images of people just to build up his weak career. Everyone should be able to see that’s all he’s trying to do.

  10. musikluver says:

    the only way the word “rocks” goes with Christina,.. is what she smokes…… I’m sure she’s hitting on one now!! Fred is bitter.. and so are you… get over it..!

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