Fred Durst Responds To Avril Lavigne Claims

In an interview with The Stone Age of Illinois’ WWCT Rock 96.5 FM, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst responded to Avril Lavigne’s recent comments in Rolling Stone that Durst “expecting me to bang him.” Durst said, “Maybe she’s in denial. I don’t really know her, but I guess she’s cooler than I thought since she can just get on and make up some sh** and talk sh**, so.. maybe she’s as cool as everyone else out there. It’s kind of weird. I’m sure I’ll bump into her somewhere sometime. Some skate-punk party.”

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8 thoughts on “Fred Durst Responds To Avril Lavigne Claims

  1. blankgirl77 says:

    Although Fred is a skank, I highly doubt he ever “came on” to Avril. Avril is still a teen and Fred is in his 30’s but that’s not even the biggest deal. She looks about 7 years younger than she is. She looks like a 12 year old, her face and body. I think she just assumed Fred was coming on to her. His type is the bleach blond bimbos with big boobs. Avril is a 12 year old prude. I doubt he ever liked her like that.

  2. flowergirl223 says:

    Fred is a rock star..a fat and ugly rock star but never the less he is a rock star. He has dated beautiful people like Carmen Electra. He’d dated models, and playboy models. And then he is going to date Avril? I don’t think he is THAT desperate. If Fred was coming on to her, he would have ADMITTED it. Just like he admitted coming on to Christina, and Britney. They denied doing anything with him, but he had no problem saying how he liked them and wanted to have sex with them. However, Avril is saying how he “liked her” and FRED is denying it? That means Avril is a liar. Fred never denies coming on to a girl, or thinking a girl is hot. And he flat out said Avril is a liar. HAHA. Which proves how many things she lies about these days.

  3. secretball555 says:

    That’s exactly what I was gonna say. Fred never plays stupid and acts like he never tried to seduce a girl. Even with Christina Aguilera, he admitted they never did have sex after all. But he did like her and wished he did sleep with her. If Fred was ever gonna lie about something, he would lie and say how he slept with Avril. He would never lie and say how he had no interest in her. Even when Fred is dissed by Britney and Christina, he never lied about not liking/coming on to them. But somehow Avril has in her delusional mind that he did. Even when Fred is calling her a liar. LOL.

  4. BeautifulStrangers says:

    I remember reading in US weekly a quote from Fred saying he hopes Avril like balding men. Hasn’t he made several statements about wanting Avril?

  5. clayfan says:

    “I don’t really know her.” That’s exactly what Britney said about HIM (but she used the word “him”) — that she didn’t know him. I bet Fred DID come on to Avril — why wouldn’t he? He has a huge ego and comes on to EVERYONE. But he was so completely humiliated by Christina and especially Britney, and he lost total credibility in the music world, and now he cannot admit chasing Avril around. Fred’s band can’t sell a CD any more after the way he humiliated himself (did you read the posts he put on his Web site about Britney? It was totally embarrassing for him … he was really smitten with her). He just doesn’t want to be humiliated AGAIN by a young pop singer.

  6. fpasko says:

    We don’t really know what happened with Avril and Fred Durst. So you can all stop arguing about it. But, I don’t know why Avril would lie about saying Fred Durst wanted her. Fred is nothing special. He’s ugly and Limp Bizkit sucks now.

  7. maypillow11 says:

    Avril is the liar in this situatiom. Yeah Christina and Britney denying being with fred was humiliating for him, but HE never denied it. THEY did. Even after they said they wouldn’t go near him with a 10 foot pole, he was still trying to get a piece. And he still wanted them, that was made very clear. But he is the one saying he doesn’t like Avril. He never denies liking a girl. He still rants about how hot Britney is even though he is mad at her. Why would he publicly admit to liking Christina and Britney, and publicly admit how he got dissed by both of them, but lie about Avril? I think she assumed because he is a man whore that he liked her, but he didn’t. And as people have said, Fred can get pretty women, he freaking dated Carmen Electra. Why would he lower his standards to Avril? She is a stick with no figure, and he face looks like a mouse. She isn’t exactly a looker.

  8. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    sorry to disappoint you all..but I know for a fact that he did come on to Avril. I was watching this VH1 award show, I think it was Big in 2003 and Fred comes on and says : I want that girl -talking about Avril Lavigne with a smirk on his face. I also saw the burger incident, and I could tell he wasn’t just doing that to be nice. come on now, Fred doesn’t give a damn how old she is. also, he didn’t deny it. he just said: I don’t really know her, she’s in denial (OF HIM MAYBE) and then he’s saying she’s making up stuff and talking crap (disguised anger, anyone??) he’s pissed off at Avril now.

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