Freezepop Discuss ‘Imaginary Friends’ Recording Process

Freezepop’s Sean T. Drinkwater and Liz Enthusiasm spoke with editor Rick Florino in a Q&A, where the electropop group talked about how their new album ‘Imaginary Friends’ came together.

“There were maybe 20 songs that we wrote of the gate,” Sean explained. “We played a few songs for people and realized which ones everybody liked. That included about five of the songs that actually ended up on the album. After that, we figured out the themes musically and lyrically that were happening and followed those through. We wrote a lot more new material, and it gelled. It was a conscious decision to make a real album this time.”

Liz added, “Since The Duke left, our working method has changed a lot. With Sean, it’s a matter of writing a lot of demos and maybe a portion of those get used. He’s really prolific. Sean essentially throws stuff against the wall and sees what sticks.”

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