Friedman Blasts Presley For Using Jacko For Publicity

Roger Friedman of shared his thoughts on Lisa Marie Presley’s latest efforts to promote her debut album — notably her interview with Rolling Stone magazine. He writes, “To get publicity for her album, she turns on and blames him for their highly publicized bad marriage. She even sends Heath lyrics to a song not on the album that imply Jackson is ‘masturbative.’ … Yet Presley manages to use Jackson throughout the article in order to promote herself. … Presley says in the article this will probably be her only album, and she will most likely go back to being a recluse. It may not be such a bad idea.” Read more.

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6 thoughts on “Friedman Blasts Presley For Using Jacko For Publicity

  1. Toni says:

    Friedman was so right. Rolling Stones – what a great disappointment. Expected better. Michael deserved better.

  2. Astrid says:

    She’s mad because she’s a loser and regret. She’ll never some up to her father’s status, but she had him long enough to know Elvis had love in his heart for people. He had his troubles but Elvis was kind. This loser got none of his ways.

  3. Astris says:

    She’s still using him. Only now she claims to love him and he was so great. She gonna use the anniversary and trial to get herself back in people’s good graces. The only ones who can stop her are the fans. Then she will have to go away. As for the Jackson’s they will allow anyone to claim love as long as it keeps them in the paper.

  4. Cynthia says:

    She needed to use him. Her record is not flattering.

  5. You are not alone anymore says:

    Okay,but Do You know The “Truth” when You say,”Use”. Hey,Jealousy is a natural feeling and I will admit I Have some,but I’m way too young to be feeling this way with 2 people in love and kissing at a MTV award show,I was born at that time and I had nothing to do with it,I should be trying to agree, which I do. I’m not on no one’s side. Friedman,Please Get real and Just accept the faith. Stupidity knows nothing,Michael signed her on a record deal so she can be a singer,There’s nothing wrong with that. who doesn’t like Music? I’d be trying to sing my heart out. also,she appeared on his um,oh yeah,”You are not alone” video? Does it look like,”Fakeness” to You? I shouldn’t ask. anyways,Peace.

  6. Astris says:

    You really don’t know the history of this relationship, but go do some research. If anything they used each other, but LM is a very spoiled rotten woman and when things go wrong she betrays herself as the victim.

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