Friends Fear Lindsay Lohan Is Going To Die

A professional who is extremely close to Lindsay Lohan expressed concern for the 23-year-old to TMZ. “If she doesn’t get help soon, she’s going to die,” the source said.

TMZ adds that LiLo’s friends have pleaded with the singer/actress to go to rehab again, but Lindsay has been making excuses for her behavior and won’t say she has a problem.

While they cited the incident earlier this week when Lohan fell down, video of the incident below makes it obvious that she feel primarily because she was covering her face from the paparazzi with her purse and probably tripped in high heels over something she couldn’t see.

Lindsay Lohan Is A McDonald’s Fan

Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood the other night, riding shotgun in an Escalade wearing a glove. Watch footage below. The 23-year-old gave a shout-out to McDonald’s on her Twitter (@lindsaylohan):

I eat McDonalds all the time!!! Quarter Pounder with Big Mac sauce!!!!! Wooohooooo!

Lindsay Lohan Shields Face From Paps, Trips In High Heels

Lindsay Lohan took a tumble while visiting a friend’s home in Los Angeles early Tuesday, landing on a cactus. The 23-year-old was in high heels and covering her face from the pesky paparazzi with her purse, blocking her site while she was being drowned in flashbulb lights, and a step took her by surprise. The circumstances prompted Access Hollywood to ask their viewers in an online poll if they were “worried for Lindsay Lohan’s life,” while host Billy Bush opined on Twitter (@billybush):

Seems it is time @lindsaylohan gets real and lasting help. These photos from early this morning falling into cactus r sad…2 many r dying

Lindsay said on her Twitter (@LindsayLohan) later:

Only I would get pushed into a large, sharp plant by crazy paparazzi!!! I need to start wearing more flats :/

Watch footage below.

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