Friends Urge Lily Allen To Check Into Rehab

Following a string of incidents where Lily Allen has appeared drunk in public, to punching a female heckler to the GQ Awards where she fired off insults at on stage while sipping from a wine glass, friends of the singer are trying to get her to get some help. “We all think it’s time she considered rehab,” a pal told new! Magazine. “She’s now saying she wants to move to LA for a fresh start, but we think she’s just running away and needs to get help now,” a pal said.

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2 thoughts on “Friends Urge Lily Allen To Check Into Rehab

  1. kevin says:

    There’s a good deal of time between when Lily Allen wants a drink. she’s not an alcoholic, she’s not in denial, she just likes to party sometimes.

  2. Greg says:

    Yeah, its not that bad, she’s not stumbling all over the place like Amy Winehouse!

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