Britney Spears From A Fan’s Perspective

Contributed anonymously:

Lately all I have been hearing about is bad things. No one is looking at the good things she has done. I’m not just taking her side because I am a fan but because I am sick of people criticizing her for everything she does. I don’t see you doing what she is doing. I don’t see her cursing at you or doing anything to you. But people think that it is okay that we talk about her. She has feelings just like everyone else. She makes mistakes. The last time I checked, she bleeds the same blood we do and she cries the same tears we do. She isn’t any different from any us except the fact that she is known by a lot more people. I like Britney Spears and I am not afraid to admit it. I look at all the positives and not the negatives. I will always be a Britney fan no matter what people say. I just want people to see that Britney is not a bad person.

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