‘From Justin To Kelly’ Will Take Everyone By Surprise

Entertainment Weekly profiled the upcoming movie ‘From Justin to Kelly’ starring ‘American Idol 1’ winner Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini. Kim Fuller, the film’s screenwriter and brother of ‘Idol’ exec producer Simon Fuller said, “If people’s expectations are going to be greater than ‘it’s just a couple of kids making a movie and having fun,’ they’ll be disappointed. It’s not ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’.”

Kelly came away happy with the project though. “I was the most skeptical about how things were going to turn out,” insisted Clarkson. “But I think it’s going to be a shocker. It’s going to take everyone by surprise.” Read more.

Kelly Clarkson Makes UK Debut

June 6, 2003 – Extra caught up with Simon Cowell and Kelly in London, where she made her European performance debut. Simon said of her performance, “I’ve heard her sound better, but the acoustics weren’t great. If this record doesn’t go to number one, I will be nice the rest of my life. I will turn into Paula Abdul.” Video has since been removed.

Kelly Clarkson’s Scare At ‘Idol 2’ Finale

June 6, 2003 – Kelly endured a scare following the end of season 2. Globe magazine reports the singer was mobbed outside by a crowd of fans. Clarkson seemed unable to breath and shouted for Fox people to help her out of the jam. A team of security men came running to her rescue, and ushered her inside and hid her in a quiet room. Much later, Kelly popped out after most of the fans had gone home.

Details On Justin Guarini’s Solo Debut

June 4, 2003 – Groovevolt.com has details on the self-titled solo debut of Justin. RCA will be debuting the first single on MTV’s Total Request Live, and the singer will be making appearances on ‘The View’, ‘Live with Regis & Kelly’, and ‘Good Morning America’ to perform the yet-to-be named track.

Premiere Of ‘From Justin To Kelly’ In Texas

May 31, 2003 – Justin Guarnini, Kelly Clarkson, and Nikki McKibbon were on hand at the movie premiere ‘From Justin to Kelly’ at Wallace/Hollywood Theatre in Fort Worth, Texas on Wednesday (May 28).

Justin Guarini Explores His Sensual Side

May 30, 2003 – Entertainment Weekly spoke with Justin about his forthcoming self-titled debut. “I think, on this album, I’ve explored by sensual side,” Guarini said. “People haven’t seen that side of me.” ‘Justin Guarini’ drops June 10th.

Check Out ‘From Justin To Kelly’ Website

May 29, 2003 – Ahead of the ‘American Idol’ movie ‘From Justin to Kelly’, starring last season’s champ Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini, fans can check out the movie’s official website. It includes a personal video greeting from the pair, behind the scenes clips, and a movie synopsis. Check it out at www.fromjustintokelly.com.

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