Gabriella Cilmi Ready To Bring ‘Lessons To Be Learned’ To America

chatted with, discussing her performance at the Brit Awards nominations party, how she thinks ‘Lessons To Be Learned’ will be received in the U.S., starting to write her second album at the moment, sweeping the ARIA Awards and having difficulties with her dress, having a weakness for dark chocolate, wanting to collaborate with Lupe Fiasco, and more.

Asked if she hopes the U.S. release of ‘Lessons To Be Learned’ could meet success she enjoyed internationally, Cilmi said, “I hope so. I’d love to come on tour in the U.S. because I haven’t really played a proper show here yet and I’m just like really looking forward to it.”

Talking about teaming with Xenomania on the project, Cilmi said, “It was a bit funny at first because I love Led Zeppelin. I used to think I was the female version of Robert Plant. I actually used to scream all the time and all of the sudden I was working with these people who were pop producers, so it was kind of a different world for me. I got to learn how to write a proper song with a melody that people would sing along to. I got to record in the house that I recorded my album in that actually belonged to Alex Little. I lived across the road from it. It was like a hundred year old house.”

On a follow-up album, Cilmi teased, “I’m starting to write it at the moment. Starting to write a second album. I think I’ve got three tunes already. I just keep writing and writing. I really want to work with Danger Mouse.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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