Gabriella Cilmi ‘Sweet About Me’ Simlish Behind The Scenes

Gabriella Cilmi sings a Simlish version of 'Sweet About Me'Footage of behind the scenes as the Australian singer songwriter records her song ‘Sweet About Me’ in simlish for ‘The Sims 2’ is available.

Talking about the alternative version, she said, “It’s really cool to sing my song in the world of Sims. It gives people in the world who probably haven’t heard my song before the opportunity to hear it. I think it sounds cool. I probably can’t listen to it too much because probably at my gigs I’ll start to sing (Simlish) instead of ‘Sweet About Me’.”

“Favorite part was probably I think recording the chorus,” Gabriella said. “Because I really like how the chorus sounds in Simlish. I think it might sound a little better in Simlish.”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

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