Gallup Poll: 66% Have Negative View Of Britney Spears

Gallup poll editor in chief Newport was on CNN’s ‘Live From…’ with Kyra Phillips on Tuesday to reveal approval ratings of Pete Rose, or Martha Stewart. Asked which of the three is ticking off people the most, Newport said, “Interesting question. The answer is, believe it or not Britney Spears. Of those three, unfortunately and all of whom have an unfavorable or negative image in the eyes of the public is Britney Spears who has the most negative image of all, I’m sorry to say. What’s interesting about Britney Spears is 66 percent negative or unfavorable. Older Americans, 65 and plus, have the most negative image of all, interestingly, they know who she is. So at least one thing’s happened with her, she’s accomplished the objective of becoming a household name. But look at those image issues. She really needs her PR agency to rush in at this point.” Read more.

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