Gareth Gates Nude Shower Scene At G-A-Y Nixed

tells The Sunday Mirror plans for him to perform naked in a specially built shower at London’s G-A-Y night at the Astoria last night were pulled due to safety concerns. “The club was worried I could get electrocuted,” the ‘Pop Idol’ season one runner-up explained.

King Of Popworld Q&A

April 1, 2007 – Popworld spoke with in a Q&A and asked the ‘Pop Idol’ season one runner-up if he would change anything about the music industry as the “King of Popworld”. Gates responded, “That’s a hard one. I’ve recently signed a new deal with Universal so at the minute everything’s nice. I like the current climate of the industry because it’s gone very much back to live music and there’s very few bands and artists around that can’t cut it which I think is a good, healthy thing. I’m obsessed with Keane at the moment. The first album, Hopes And Fears, is just incredible. I went to see them play Wembley about a month ago and it was just incredible. Tom’s voice is second to none.”

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