Gareth Gates Youngest Male Solo Artist To Hit #1

has become the youngest British male solo star to have a number one single, having sold in the area of 900,000 copies of his debut cover song single ‘Unchained Melody’. The song itself became the only song to have made it to number one for four different artists. Gates fell short of the sales of Will Young, the artist he lost out to on Pop Idol.

Gareth Says He & Will Can Outlast Hear’Say

March 22, 2002 – Gareth spoke with The Sun’s Dominic Mohan on whether he and fellow Pop Idol star Will Young can stretch their careers beyond their record breaking debut efforts. Gareth said, “We have a great team behind us and I’ll enjoy it for as long as it lasts. The only thing that worries me is if it starts affecting my family because it’s me who has chosen this career, not them.”

Afraid To Drink Unlabeled Cola

March 22, 2002 – reports Pop Idol runner-up and this week’s UK chart-topper Gareth was paralyzed with indecision at a London bar the other night by a glass of cola. Without knowing what brand drink it was, the singer who has a £750,000 sponsorship deal with Pepsi didn’t want to create a like situation, and left the soda undrunk.

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