Gary Go Busy Doing ‘Wonderful’ Radio Promo

Gary Go

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@garygo) on Monday (January 26). The London pop singer tells readers:

all is well and you’re enjoying the year so far. Have been enjoying visiting radio stations around the UK to let people know about the ‘Wonderful’ single release on Feb 16th – am doing a show in London at the Luminaire on Feb 17th to mark the release of the single…I know some road trips have already been planned (love your work Anticelebrity). If you’d like to join me in London on Feb 17th, there’s a link to tix on my page and I look forward to seeing you.

I’ve also set up IAMWONDERFUL.TV – a website where you can share your wonderful words with the world (wide web). Thanks to everyone who has already shared a message on the site… some very honest, inspiring words.

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