George Michael Explains Recording New Album

chatted with Capital FM about how he was recording his controversial new album before the 11 terror attacks. George explained, “I finished it on September 11th itself. It seemed like the most scary time and it stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t finish the record at the time firstly because September 11th was just as horrific to me as everyone else. I stopped working for about six weeks. I felt like my creative life and the horror that everyone was watching at the same time were intermingled. I was freaked out by the fact that I’d been writing about the possibility of something like this and then it happened, so I didn’t know how to finish it and I really didn’t know how to release it and be respectful of what had gone on, and I couldn’t really so I just sat on it for a while. Then this year, when people started talking about the possible bombing of Iraq and there were strong arguments against the bombing Iraq, I started to think, ‘OK you should tighten this up and make it more relevant to what’s happening now and put it out’, which is what happened.” Audio has since been removed.

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