Geri Halliwell And Victoria Beckham Still Hate Each Other reports that the biggest stumbling block to a Spice Girls reunion is the hatred that Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham still have for each other. Ginger’s hatred of Posh is apparently so strong that her assistant has to cut out all pictures of Skeletor in newspapers and magazines before Geri sees them. Meanwhile, Geri reportedly spent a recent flight to Los Angeles practicing her yoga positions in her underwear, after refusing the British Airways steward’s offer of free pajamas.

Posh And Becks Buy New Legs For Teen Girl

The Mirror reports David Beckham and his former Spice Girls wife Victoria Beckham are buying a £6,000 pair of artificial legs for 17-year-old Lisa Brown, who is struck down by meningitis and had to have both of her legs removed as a result. “I was so stunned when I found out the Beckhams wanted to help me – it’s just unbelievable,” she said. “I’m so grateful to them. When I was younger you couldn’t see my wallpaper because I had so many pictures of the Spice Girls and Manchester United. I’ve been overwhelmed by everybody’s support. It’s been difficult but all my friends and family have helped me through it.”

Posh And Becks Sweet To Kids At London Shop

The Sun reports David and Victoria Beckham were mobbed by scores of adoring kids when they went shopping at Maria Grachvogel’s in London earlier this week. An onlooker revealed, “The queue went all the way around the corner but Posh and Becks were really sweet and signed autographs for everybody.”

Posh Changes From ‘Is’ To ‘Was’ A Spice Girl

The Sun reports Victoria Beckham’s new paperback version of her autobiography hit shelves yesterday with an important change on the cover. The hardcover edition of the book released last year said she “is a member of the Spice Girls” while the hardcover book says she “was a member of the Spice Girls.” A source close to Victoria said, “It is significant that the message on Victoria’s book has been changed for the paperback version. It suggests that even she has thrown in the towel.”

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