Geri Halliwell At Harvard Eating Disorder Seminar

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I saw former Spice Girl Thursday night at Harvard University. She was a great speaker, cute and bubbly. She spoke candidly about her eating disorders and the effects it had on her career. I would say almost 1/2 the audience was there to see her specifically. Other celebrities included Miss America 2003. Geri took pictures with fans and signed my copy of ‘If Only’ and ‘Schizophonic’. Read on for photos.

Geri Halliwell at Harvard, speaking about her eating disorder

Geri Halliwell at a seminar for eating disorders, talking about her personal struggle

Geri Halliwell signs autographs at conference for eating disorders at Harvard

Geri Halliwell at Harvard University

Geri Halliwell at Harvard speaking about her dangerous eating habits

Story poster and Geri Halliwell at Harvard for a conference on eating disorders

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2 thoughts on “Geri Halliwell At Harvard Eating Disorder Seminar

  1. popmaster167 says:

    I didn’t you could post pictures directly onto a post, that’s never been done before, oh well. Anyways I guess it’s good she’s sharing her experience, though sometimes how she always goes on about how she got eating disorders whilst she was in the spice girls seems almost as if she’s blaming the illness on being in the group- which makes no sense at all.

  2. SoTacky33 says:

    Good comment, However I asked her directly about this because I felt the same way you do. She said that living with the other girls and comparing bodies with them, especially Melanie C, had little effect on her eating disorders, she felt it was all truly internal pain and emotions.

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