Geri Halliwell Dating Darius Danesh

According to News of the World, former Spice Girl is now dating Darius Danesh. “They seem like an odd couple but it looks like the real thing,” a source revealed. “Geri has been swooning that Darius is absolutely gorgeous. She’s fallen for him very hard and quickly. She even says Darius is the man of her dreams.” The singers met while performing on the same bill in September. “They clicked immediately,” the source added. “Darius asked her out and she said yes. They’ve been on several dates since then and it seems to be going well.”

Halliwell’s Latest Slammed By Simon Cowell

October 29, 2004 – After seeing former Spice Girl video for her new single ‘Ride It’, during an interview for Saturday’s CD:UK, Simon Cowell sneered: “Honestly, if I was her record company and that video arrived on my desk, I’d throw it in the bin. I think it’s rubbish, it is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Is it a joke?”

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3 thoughts on “Geri Halliwell Dating Darius Danesh

  1. weebongo says:

    Simon must have missed the videos for the boys groups he’s produced like Westlife and 5ive cause those would been the worst he’s ever see.

  2. ko says:

    He hasn’t seen Britney and Ester the gap-toothed hobbit’s videos and desperate attempts for attention lately, has he? Now that’s a joke.

  3. manwithaplan94 says:

    If he knows so much about music why don’t he gather up some good artist or make a good record himself. Also why can’t he tell us why Justin flopped so badly.

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