Geri Halliwell Has Throat Surgery To Save Singing Career

Former Spice Girl has had throat surgery to save her singing career. “The problem was found during a routine check-up for a sore throat. The news came as a shock to Geri,” a pal revealed to The Sun. “It is a fairly common complaint for singers but if it goes unnoticed the effects are disastrous. She was told she needed surgery before she could go into the studio. She hates operations and all that medical stuff but knew it was too important not to bother with. Thankfully the operation has gone well and she is fighting fit and ready to crack on with the album.”

Geri Leaving London Restaurant

March 30, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell left a restaurant in London’s Covent Garden and bumped into a male friend who greeted the singer with a large kiss and embrace before being driven off on Saturday (March 27).

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4 thoughts on “Geri Halliwell Has Throat Surgery To Save Singing Career

  1. RedLadyBad says:

    Ok I was a big Spice Girls fan then and still like one of them now, but Geri, honey you could never sing, point blank.

  2. tobstar73 says:

    Geri you can’t sing lol whats the point and why does it that every time you hear something about a old spice girl they say FORMER SPICE GIRL grrr they where over like 6 years ago its old but I do reckon they should do one more word tour!

  3. suburbanrockstar says:

    Yeah Geri ain’t a great singer…but maybe she can surprise us on the next album? As long as she stays an awesome entertainer, that’s really all that matters.

  4. jenny says:

    so stupid jerk
    I cannot believe I liked you so stupid

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