Geri Halliwell’s Kissing Partner Identified As Damian Warner

The Scottish Daily Record identified the man former Spice Girl was spotted kissing earlier this week nearby a Radio Shack in Los Angeles. The man is 26 year old Damian Warner. Geri had helped Warner by checking him into a drug clinic in Arizona while staying there with him as he received treatment for drug problems.

Is In The Worst Possible Occupation

May 15, 2002 – Following former Spice Girl checking herself into a clinic in Arizona after resuming her old cycle of bingeing and vomiting, Liz Jones of the London Evening Standard shared her thoughts on dealing with the singer, and what she can do now to recover. Jones said, “Being a much-photographed celebrity is the worst possible occupation for a woman concerned with her body image. Inevitably, she’ll be portrayed as weak and a bad influence on young women and told to pull herself together. It isn’t as easy as that.”

Geri Halliwell Had Been Building Up To Bulimia For Years

May 13, 2002 – The Sun’s dieting editor Sally Ann Voak sounded off after news broke over the weekend that former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell had suffered another bout with bulimia. Sally said, “Geri has been building up to this for years. She took one look at herself as the Spice Girl in the Union Jack dress and decided she wanted to be slimmer and fitter – and she has taken it too far ever since.”

Geri Halliwell Battling Bulimia Again

May 11, 2002 – News of the World reports former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell checked herself in to the Cottonwood de Tucson clinic towards the end of April for treatment of bulimia, an eating disorder that has ravaged the singer in the past. “It was awful to see,” said the friend. “She’s built a huge career on being the fittest woman in showbiz-and now this.”

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